A new render allegedly shows the bezel-less Samsung Galaxy Sport, and it looks very sleek

An additional render of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Sport was discovered to have been stolen. This one is the most elucidating so far.

The render was created by the talented individuals over 91mobiles. The picture depicts a sleek-looking watch with a polished bezel, which is not all that unlike the one that was discovered a month ago. As a result, in contrast to its forerunner, the Galaxy Sport might not feature a bezel that can be rotated.

Again, there are two buttons on the right side of the screen, but these ones are circular, in contrast to the more rectangular buttons on Gear Sport. The clasp too looks to have a brushed metallic finish, but this time it is chrome in color, and it appears to be on the dial. The band appears to be composed of silicone, which is exactly what you’d anticipate finding on a watch that’s geared towards the fitness industry.

In addition, we are aware that the timepiece comes equipped with 4 gigabytes of storage on its internal memory, NFC for making contactless payments, and also operates on the Tizen operating system. According to reports, it will be the first smartwatch to include Samsung’s Bixby Reminders functionality.

Aside from that, it is reasonable to presume that it will come with performance enhancements as well as possibly an extension of the battery’s life. The most recent build supports a maximum of four days and four hours of continuous GPS operation. Considering that this is a sports watch, LTE connectivity is highly doubtful. Nevertheless, the Gear Sport currently only comes in a screen version with a 1.2-inch display, so further sizes could be on the way.

The only thing that is still a mystery is the person’s name, so far as we know. It was previously thought that the timepiece would be dubbed the Galaxy Watch Sport. However, it has now come to light that it may instead be branded the Galaxy Watch Active. It is anticipated that the revised version of the Gear Sport will place a greater emphasis on physical activity than the Galaxy Watch. This is the case regardless of which of the two options Samsung chooses.

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