A New Software Upgrade for the Honor Band 6 introduces Automatic SpO2 Monitoring

Automatic blood oxygen monitoring has been added to the Honor Band 6 through a new firmware upgrade that is now being distributed. The fitness tracker could only provide readings when specifically requested up until this point.

The Huawei subsidiary brand, Honor, has developed its own line of wearable electronics. One of these is the Honor Band 6, which is highly similar to the Huawei Band 6 in more ways than one. In point of fact, the two are virtually indistinguishable in terms of their appearance as well as their functions.

The only significant distinction between them is that the Huawei product could measure SpO2 continuously, but the Honor Band 6 could only provide readings when a user requested them. However, this firmware update improves the functionality of the Honor Band, which means that the color selections are pretty much the only thing that differentiates them from one another at this point.

Earlier this year, we evaluated and found that the Honor Band 6 blood oxygen saturation does an excellent job. The readings appear to be accurate enough, but it is crucial to keep in mind that data taken from the wrist will never be on par with those taken from a SpO2 reader that is based on the finger. It is pretty rare for a reading not to be registered on the very first attempt. To obtain a measurement on demand will only take about twenty seconds of your time.

Nevertheless, how many of us are actually going to stop what we’re doing during the day to take a reading of our blood oxygen level? Most likely, not very many. Because of this, owning a gadget that can do this automatically for you makes the feature significantly more helpful.

One year after the launch of the Honor Band 6, the latest firmware version is currently being rolled out for the device, and it does just that. In addition to this, customers will receive notifications whenever their blood oxygen measurements are dangerously low. If you feel like you might be coming down with an illness, checking this first thing in the morning after you wake up will help you determine whether or not you are.

The program also includes an additional update that significantly increases the total number of sports activities that may be tracked. It has now reached 95, having previously only reached 10. That brings the total number of available channels on Huawei Band 6 down to 95. One activity did not make the final cut, but we are not sure which one it is.

You can follow this link to read about our experience playing Honor Band 6 for yourself. People who want something that is easy to see but are not prepared for (or do not want) a wristwatch will find the device, which has a display that is 1.47 inches in size and packs a large display, to be an excellent option. Many different fitness features are available on board, all of which function appropriately. Keep in mind that there is no built-in GPS, but you do get Connected GPS.

When everything is taken into account, this is a serviceable offering. We are particularly impressed by the 60-dollar price tag and the battery life that lasts for two weeks.

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