A premium Swiss analogue timepiece with a heart-rate monitor is called an Oaxis Timepiece


For those who are unaware, a hybrid watch is a combination of a contemporary fitness tracker and a traditional-looking clock. Such gadgets have technology that monitors your daily activity and sleep metrics concealed inside their casings, despite the fact that they appear to be ordinary traditional timepieces. Some even send notifications to mobile devices.

Oaxis has now joined the growing number of producers of wearable technology who are dabbling in this industry. The Garmin Vivomove HR, Withings Steel HR Sport, and watches from the Fossil Group are the major rivals of the Oaxis Timepiece. Since most of the technology in the Oaxis hybrid is similar to that of other models on the market, design is what really sets it apart.

Due to the Ronda 2-pin hybrid quartz movement, the simple face design is available in 38mm and 41mm sizes. A double-domed anti-glare glass with LCD screen is housed in the stainless steel case. A tiny 0.42in OLED at the bottom of the face shows basic fitness data, such as heart rate. In addition to monitoring sleep quality, the Timepiece alerts the wearer to incoming calls and texts.

The watch has a fast release strap that allows you to customize it or switch different exercises, and it is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. Fortunately, you won’t be charging this frequently. An ultra-low energy module with a battery that can last for a full month powers the device.

Timepiece can catch your attention if you enjoy tracking your fitness but are not a fan of overly sophisticated smartwatches. The gadget costs about $120 and comes in four various color and strap combinations. Expected delivery to supporters is in February.

Cost: $123 and above


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