A Variation of the Mi Watch Color that Includes a Blood Oxygen Sensor has Been Released by Xiaomi

A Variation of the Mi Watch Color that Includes a Blood Oxygen Sensor has Been Released by Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Edition has been made available by Xiaomi. The most significant improvement is that it is a more lightweight and sportier model, and it also includes a blood oxygen sensing feature as an additional component.

Its predecessor was released at the beginning of this year as an inexpensive variant of the Mi Watch. The wristwatch had a lot of ways to make it your own, and it also had advanced features for tracking physical activity.

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However, we now offer a Sport Edition of the very same product. The answer is obvious. This is a more athletic variation that is constructed out of aluminum as opposed to steel like the standard model. Additionally, Xiaomi has integrated a few home and sports dials that serve as shortcuts for beginning workouts. These dials can be found on the device.

The difference in design material means the Sports Edition measures only 32.5 grams, which is 7.5 grams thinner than before. The proportions have remained the same, as has the 1.39-inch AMOLED (454 x 454-pixel), 5 ATM water resistance, built-in 12nm high-end GPS chip (which allows for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou navigation), and optical heart rate monitor.

The inclusion of a SpO2 monitor is a noteworthy additional feature. Most new Smartwatches these days have these. They enable the measurement of blood oxygen levels.

The intelligent feature is also there. Xiao Ai is a voice-activated companion that is included with the Mi Watch Color Sport Edition. This is in conjunction with an NFC chip that has several functions.

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Because of the 420 mAh battery, the complete item has a storage life of more than two weeks. When GPS is used, there is a noticeable and significant reduction in this (50 hours).

In China, the most recent timepiece from Xiaomi will be sold for CNY 699 ($105), which is a reduction of 15 percent from its predecessor’s price. Today is the first day that customers may place pre-orders, and official sales will begin on November 1st. In case you were curious, you can personalize it all to your satisfaction by selecting from one of six different strap colors and three different bezel color selections.

There has been no announcement regarding availability in other countries. In addition to this, we are still waiting for the Mi Watch Color to come out everywhere.

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