A Wear OS application for YouTube Music has been launched, but it is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The long-awaited Google YouTube Music app is now available for Wear OS users to download. Since the software is only compatible with operating system versions 3.0 and above, it is currently only available for use with Samsung Galaxy 4 watches.

To refresh your memory, this capability was first introduced to the Apple Watch in October of 2020. However, this simply includes the most fundamental playback controls.

Wear OS wristwatch customers have been unable to access Google Play Music since around one year ago. The service was discontinued in favor of using YouTube for its music content. This platform provides a better user experience than others since it allows users to stream around 60 million different songs.

Despite this, a fully functional Wear OS program that enables downloading and playing back of YouTube Music without the need for a phone has just recently been available. Some people had the expectation that since Google is the company that is responsible for both Wear OS and Youtube, the integration would occur more quickly.

The Wear OS application for YouTube Music

The download for the YouTube Music app is 11.25 megabytes in size. It is not worth your time to look for a watch that runs Wear OS 2.0 if you already have one.Because this software is only compatible with Wear OS 3.0 devices, the only watches that can use it at this time are those that belong to the Samsung Galaxy 4 line.

A few hours ago, owners of Samsung devices began discovering that the app was included in the list of applications that were shown on their phones. Therefore, the update is quite recent, and it is very likely that it is not yet accessible in all countries at this time.

The Apple Watch app is essentially just a remote control for your phone, but the Wear OS software on your wristwatch makes it possible to download material directly to your watch. This device supports 256 AAC, which is a high-quality audio format.

In addition, there is a library screen that provides access to your likes, playlists, albums, songs, and artists, as well as other features. Tapping anywhere on the display will bring up the playback controls. You may, for instance, begin playing a song and stop it at any time, or forward or rewind through it, like a song, and adjust the level.

In the settings menu, you may choose the maximum number of songs that can be stored on the watch, and it will calculate the amount of storage space that will be required. You may choose to download music through WiFi alone, LTE only, or both WiFi and LTE simultaneously. If the battery life of your watch is becoming low, you will be prompted to connect the timepiece to a charger before you can continue downloading material.

This upgrade follows on the heels of Spotify’s recent deployment of a feature that allows users to download the Wear OS software. It is compatible with all devices running Wear OS 2 or later. It is unfortunate that the YouTube Music app will not be available on wearable devices running Wear OS 2.0.

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