The CRG Soft website has the mission to bring the news from the world of technology in an uncomplicated way. We believe that technology improves people’s lives. CRG Soft was founded in 2016 by James Anderson.

The purpose of the site

With our informal approach, we want to bring technology to everyone and show all the news with reliable information. Through free content we want to help people understand the frantic changes in the world of technology. Our specialized team is committed to quality and impartiality so that you are always informed and updated.

Who we are

The CRG Soft team treats the technology for you with great pleasure in sharing its knowledge. Over the years, dozens of people have collaborated with us and helped in their mission.

Today there is a team of professionals who work daily so that CRG Soft continues to offer the best information about the world of technology.

How to contact us

Email :

Meet the team

James Anderson:

Founder of the CRG Soft project, always looked at technology as a piece of us. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally his dream job.

Lee Jones:

Lover of the Android world since the old Galaxy S1 and passionate about everything that technology involves.

Bruno Colin:

He developed an early taste for writing and communication. In law formed, hobbies are aquarium and music. But it is in technology that it has reached its peak and in CRG Soft the ideal platform for writing and producing video.

Former employees

Dorothy J Johnson, Clint Walker, Janiel Austin, Mandee Conzelman, Brittney Smith, Bruno Filipe, Carlos Torres, David Ventura, Eduardo Silva, Jessie Pike, Joel Silva Santos, Jorge Lopes, Pedro Rodrigues, Rafael Pereira, Rute Ferreira, Kathy Rose and Cierra Hottenstein.

Site financing

CRG Soft receives advertising through spaces on the website, affiliates and sponsored content. This financing allows us to have the appropriate conditions to give users the best experience without charging any cost.

CRG Soft ensures that it is completely impartial and uncompromising in its editorial autonomy. We will never let sponsors, advertisers or affiliates influence the content we create.

Confidentiality and privacy

We are governed by rules of total transparency and the privacy of our users is a serious matter. Any information about users that may be collected by CRG Soft, including the e-mail address, will never be passed on to third parties.

To find out more, see our Privacy Policy page.


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