According to a file with the FCC, Fossil will Soon Release a new Hybrid Watch

According to a file with the FCC, Fossil will Soon Release a new Hybrid Watch

Compared to other years, 2021 has started out slowly for Fossil in terms of introducing new products. On the other hand, I might get a hybrid watch very soon.

A new filing for a watch manufactured by Fossil has just been made public by the FCC. The designation is also known as UK7-NDW5F1. The corporation established a name convention in which one of the letters represents a sub-brand. Because of this, we are certain that the watch in question comes from Fossil and not one of the company’s numerous sub-brands.

For instance, the Fossil “Machine” Q Hybrid is marketed under the brand name NDW2F9. Within the Fossil brand’s product catalog, a hybrid watch is indicated to be denoted by the initials “NDW.” These are gadgets that have the appearance of a conventional watch yet have the functionality of a smartwatch. The word “fossil” is represented by the letter “F.”

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The technical specifications that can be extracted from the FCC listing provide more evidence that it is a hybrid vehicle. The watch only supports Bluetooth and does not have WiFi or NFC connectivity.

In addition to that, it is powered by a Lithium Ion CR2430 3V battery. In many hybrid watches, particularly those that do not have a significant amount of built-in fitness technology, the batteries that are used are coin cell batteries. As a result, they have the ability to keep the Smartwatches operating for anywhere between three and six months.

The picture on the label discloses that the hybrid has resistance to water down to a depth of fifty meters (5 ATM). In contrast to some of the other hybrids that Fossil offers, it does not appear to contain a heart rate sensor.

Therefore, you should anticipate that this clock will count the number of steps you take, the distance you go, and the number of calories you burn. The endpoint of intelligent connectivity should be notifications for incoming calls, texts, and social messages.

When will the Fossil Gen 6 watches be available

More than anything else, we were curious about the release date of the Fossil generation 6 smartwatch. There was speculation that this might take place in July, but there have been no serious disclosures up to this point. It is anticipated that Gen 6 smartwatches would use the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC as their power source.

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It is hoped that they will also be compatible with the upcoming version of Google’s WearOS. As a result, it is not completely out of the question that Fossil will choose to put things on hold until the new software is available.

On August 1st, the secrecy clause attached to the FCC paper will no longer be valid, indicating that the brand-new Fossil hybrid shouldn’t be out for at least another month.

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