According to a source, Snapchat will launch two-camera Specs by the end of this year


According to a recent source, Snapchat intends to introduce Spectacles 3 by the end of this year. The following model will cost $350 and have two cameras.

Due to unrealistic expectations and irregular sales that made the spectacles difficult to find, the first iteration of Spectacles was a spectacular failure. In the end, the corporation was left with a sizable loss on a sizable supply of unsold products. A mixed reception greeted the debut of the second version earlier this year. Snap, however, is far from giving up on the concept.

The updated version of Snapchat’s Spectacles resembles regular sunglasses.

According to a Cheddar report, the Spectacles 3 will have two cameras, which will allow the wearable to produce augmented reality effects in videos. However, this won’t be true augmented reality.

Instead of the specifications, the accompanying smartphone app will work its magic. Real-time augmented reality effects will be added to what you view via the lenses using the software on your smartphone. According to those familiar with the project, it will also create 3D picture effects from the film.

The long-term objective is to create full-augmented reality glasses that flawlessly superimpose virtual items on the real world one day. In order to do this, CEO Spiegel intends to continue working on spec updates for years to come. According to Cheddar, Snap is even prepared to sacrifice profits until it achieves break-even in 2020.

The updated specifications will also have a new look and an aluminium frame that is more upscale. The company will only produce about 24,000 pairs because it has learned from its prior blunders. This is fewer than the 35,000 Spectacles 2 and the 52,000 more expensive Spectacles 2 that were made available this year. Not to mention the 800,000 pairs of the initial iteration that were produced! Client demand was vastly overestimated.

If there are 24,000 youngsters (or willing parents) with $350 burning a hole in their wallet, it has yet to be shown. This costs more than twice as much as the existing version.


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