Aircon Watch User Opinions And Reviews

Aircon Watch User Opinions And Reviews

Imagine for a moment that there was a watch that could both cool you off on a steamy summer day and warm you up on a brisk winter morning. It won’t be long before there is

The world’s first air-conditioning wearable, we introduce you to the Aircon Watch. This innovative temperature-control device has already received 20 times the amount of funding it sought through Kickstarter with 23 days left in the campaign.

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The question now is, how exactly does it function?

The hypothalamus is in charge of directing the human body’s complex mechanism for controlling temperature, which is located in the pituitary gland. This little region of the brain reacts to inputs and makes adjustments in order to keep your body’s temperature within one or two degrees of 98.6 degrees at all times. This process is analogous to the way a thermostat regulates the temperature inside of your house or workplace.

The aircon watch utilizes the natural temperature regulation systems of the body to maintain the wearer at the ideal temperature. This is accomplished through the modification of the signal that is transmitted from the neurological system to the brain by the production of bursts of either heat or cold. The straps themselves hold the key to success. The straps of the watch have an effect on the area on your inner wrist where pulse points and nerve endings are close to the skin. This area is similar to the effect that running cold or warm water has. It functions in a way that deceives the neurological system.

The startup company that is based in Hong Kong claims that it has conducted extensive testing on the gadget and has consulted with medical professionals. This information is provided in case you were wondering whether there were any potential risks to your health. They assert that not only is there no damage, but there are actually benefits to the neurological system and blood vessels as a result of the treatment.

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Therefore, if you are the one who always seems to be the one who is cold at the office, the air conditioning watch can be the answer to your prayers. It’s possible that this may finally put a stop to those fights in the office about the temperature!

The cost of the device is HK $623, which is equivalent to just under $100 in American currency. The delivery is scheduled for the month of December. Investing in initiatives that are crowdfunded should be approached with the usual caution.

Beginning at HK $623 (price),

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