An explanation of the new hydration tracking feature available on Garmin devices

A new hydration tracking tool has been available on Garmin watches and other devices for about a month now. Everything that you need to know is included below.

Consuming enough amounts of the drink is a matter of common knowledge. However, let’s be honest here: the vast majority of us are guilty of not drinking enough water. Your body relies on water to maintain its temperature, eliminate potentially dangerous pollutants, and support the healthy function of critical organs. Being dehydrated for extended periods of time might have negative consequences on one’s health in the long run.

With the introduction of its new hydration tracking feature, Garmin hopes to simplify the process of maintaining proper hydration levels. The Garmin Connect app and, on certain watches, a hydration tracker widget is required for it to function properly.

You may personalise your drinking container and measurement preference in the User Settings section of Garmin connect. The programme gives you the option of selecting three different container sizes that correspond to the ones you most frequently use. They have preset settings of 250 ml, 500 ml, and 750 ml respectively.

In addition, this is the section in which you should define your daily objective. The hydration target that Garmin uses by default is derived from the recommendations of a number of different health organisations such as the National Academy of Sciences in the United States. This is intended to serve as a guide for your water consumption, to provide you with a goal to work for, and ideally result in an increase in your daily water intake.

From that point forward, whenever you finish using one of these containers, you should hit the Quick Add button located on the dashboard of the Garmin Connect app.

This will give you the option to either manually enter the quantity of liquid that was consumed or select one of the 3 pre-defined mug sizes in order to rapidly add a quantity. Garmin is operating under the assumption that this will be water, rather than wine or beer because the effect on one’s health is not quite the same!

Your dashboard will show the daily value that you have consumed for the current day. The portion of the app titled “Health Status/Hydration” will show you patterns over a longer period of time. Presented in the form of a chart, this displays your progress on a daily, weekly, four-weekly, and monthly basis. In addition to that, it totals all your data.

The capability described above is available to all Garmin Connect customers; however, owners of the Vivoactive 4/4S, Venu, Ray, First Avenger, and Darth Vader have a device that makes the task of tracking their liquid intake far simpler. They can get the Garmin Hydration Tracking app and download and install it on their device. They will be able to record the number of cups they have eaten by using a widget on the screen of their watch. The data will be amalgamated with any manually entered information using Garmin Connect and synchronised accordingly.

Regrettably, we are still looking for the first wearable device that will be able to automatically track the amount of water that a person consumes. In the meanwhile, this will have to do as a suitable substitute.

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