An interview with Scott Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of Hapbee, on the topic of choosing how you feel

An interview with Scott Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of Hapbee, on the topic of choosing how you feel

The Hapbee is an intriguing wearable gadget.It allows you to choose how you want to feel: joyful, peaceful, alert, focused, relaxed, drowsy, or any combination of these and more.

The device was developed by a startup company located in Seattle with the same name. The group finished a very successful Indiegogo campaign one month ago, during which they raised around half a million dollars in the United States. On the platform, the wearable may still be acquired by paying the appropriate price. It is never without risk to put money into a project that has been supported via crowdfunding, but the 1,132 people who pledged support for Hapbee will be pleased to learn that the company plans to begin selling the product within the next few weeks.

This piece of equipment really is one of a kind. A Hapbee is a device that helps you maintain mental health and balance, and it gives you the ability to experience the sentiments and sensations that you want. This is accomplished by the use of some cutting-edge technology that makes use of electromagnetic frequency technology to simulate the effects of various drugs (coffee, melatonin, and so on) in conjunction with certain patented proprietary algorithms.

To use it, all you have to do is choose the sensation you want to have and adjust the intensity of the signal using the app on your smartphone. Let Hapbee do its thing by draping it over the head, resting it on the brim of a hat, or wearing it around the neck. You should almost immediately begin to feel the benefits of this.

This definitely seems to be a handy small piece of equipment. Try to picture yourself in a low and sad state. You may give yourself a lift without resorting to the typical harmful pick-me-ups by just powering up Hapbee. It’s kind of like making a mixtape of your emotions.

I had a conversation with Scott Donnell, the CEO of Hapbee, to learn a little bit more about the technology. He has almost ten years of expertise and has built over eighty different consumer goods.

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Could you provide some background information on Hapbee and tell us how you came up with the concept for it? It has been brought to my attention that this invention is protected by a total of 35 patents. It had to have been in the works for quite some time, didn’t it?

I wish I could claim credit for the technology, but all I am is the man who is delivering it to the consumer market. I wish I could take credit for the technology. I may be able to develop a sleek product and a user-friendly application, but the actual masterminds behind this endeavor are the scientists.

This technology was developed by our sister firm, EMulate Therapeutics, in Seattle, Washington. The development of this technology took more than 15 years. Using magnetometer technology, they have been doing research in the ultra low radio frequency energy (ulFRE) sector with the goal of recording and creating magnetic fields that have an effect on life. They have some of the most talented scientists and people with doctorates in the disciplines of signal transduction, neurobiology, and biophysics. One of their employees was the guy who headed the scientific team that developed Cialis. The intellectual property and patents were developed by the team at EMulate, and now we are licensing and developing particular signals derived from them that may influence feelings and sensations in the body.

The gadget makes the claim that it can make you feel any of the following on demand: joyful, peaceful, relaxed, alert, focused, or drowsy. A person is basically able to exert control over the way they feel as a result of it. The best part is that there are no drugs or chemicals involved in this approach.

What kind of scientific basis does this have? In what ways might exposure to electromagnetic waves affect a person’s mental state?

The signals produced by Hapbee are the result of analytical measurements of the electrostatic surface potential of individual molecules. These measurements are carried out using some of the most sensitive magnetometers in the world, followed by sophisticated signal processing. When it comes to a molecule’s bioactivity, the electrostatic potential on its surface is of the utmost importance. A minute magnetic flux field is produced whenever there is motion in the surface charge. Indirectly, measuring and recording the electrostatic surface potential of a molecule may be accomplished by the use of an oscillating magnetic field.

For sensing and recording real-time changes in the magnetic environment of a sample, Hapbee makes use of a customized superconducting ‘SQUID’ magnetometer that is cooled by liquid helium and is a superconductor. It is measured, stored, and processed that temporal data indicates changes in the magnetic environment. Afterwards, by using the electronics included inside the Hapbee wearable device, we are able to rebuild a portion of the initial magnetic flux environment. This reconstruction of a molecule’s magnetic flux environment provides the sensations that you can regulate by wearing the Hapbee headband without having to swallow any chemicals that have the potential to become habit-forming.

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Is there research conducted by unbiased parties that verifies the usefulness of Hapbee? If not, are there any that are currently being developed?

Because animals can’t be given a placebo, our first testing to determine the product’s effectiveness and safety was conducted on mice at a third-party contract research organization in San Diego. The findings of those tests were quite encouraging, particularly given that animals can’t be given a placebo. It was quite fascinating for us to see a video of mice running about on the Alert setting and sleeping in a ball in the back corner on the Sleepy setting.

So far, we have had 400 people test the signals from our prototype devices, all of whom have reported positive outcomes; these findings may be interpreted as anecdotal data. We have been able to start our comprehensive study on users using the early units from our manufacturing line over the last two weeks. These early units come from our production line. These studies are currently being conducted, and as soon as they are completed, we will be happy to discuss the findings with you. When we send out the items the next month, our app will also collect real-time feedback from consumers. Other information pertaining to our technology, our partner studies utilizing this technology, and the white paper with more than 30 references on how magnetic fields create a biological response can be found at If you are interested in learning more about how magnetic fields create a response in biological systems, you can read the white paper.

Is the typical person your goal, or do you also have your sights set on corporate executives, athletes at the professional level, and other niche groups? One possible application for this would be to put it on before giving a critical presentation at work.

People who wish to have control over how they feel on any given day are getting assistance from us. Individuals who want to feel better without taking potentially dangerous chemicals, athletes who want an energy boost before a workout, 9-to-5ers who want to relax after a hard day, and many more types of people might benefit from using Hapbee. Because Hapbee is a discrete wearable that can be worn as a headband or on the chest beneath a blouse, it may be used for ordinary activities such as checking and responding to emails, practicing meditation, or reading before going to bed.

At this time, the majority of our sales are made directly to end users. However, we are receiving a growing number of requests to collaborate with major businesses that cater to specific demographics of customers, such as distributors for biohackers, elite athletes, seniors, mothers, gamers, addicts, counseling, and even Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve utilized the “Pick Me Up” signal before important speeches or presentations, and each time I’ve found it to be really helpful. The main members of the Hapbee team utilize the devices on a daily basis, including while they are getting ready for the day, writing code and emails, traveling, watching movies, and getting ready for bed. It is an extraordinary benefit for the user to be able to make use of their sentiments in a manner that is both quick and requires little effort on their behalf.

Who do you consider to be your primary competitors? A couple of years ago, I went back and looked at TouchPoints Basics. Although it does not make use of the same technologies, this wearable device is effective in lowering levels of stress. However, it is not nearly the same thing at all. In terms of the things it accomplishes, maybe Neorhythm is more comparable. Is it fair to say so about the situation?

Many other firms, such as Halo Neuro, Neorhythm, and NuCalm, as well as other businesses with a similar focus, are great resources for us to utilize and learn from. However, each of these firms truly only has one sort of frequency that directly stimulates particular portions of the brain and attempts to directly activate or change the way neurons fire (a process known as entrainment) in the specific part of the brain that is being stimulated. Even while they are useful, we adopt a more focused approach via a variety of sensations that may be generated by an entirely different kind of stimulus.

The majority of this is because of our very accurate magnetic fields, which are particularly focused on a certain route or receptor spot in the body. At this time, we have eight more signals in the laboratory that are connected to memory, sleep, concentration, food, and other factors. In the end, we want to encourage clients to experiment with different signals on their own to find out which ones they appreciate the most.

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It has been brought to my attention that the wearable operates on a subscription basis for signals once every month (after an initial free period). Are there any plans to add choices that are free of charge, possibly with one or two signals, or other membership tiers?

Yes. We are actively working on methods to give particular usage of certain signals to users of Hapbee who do not have a membership. Furthermore, we are developing a tiered subscription model to accommodate these users. Because the money from our membership fees goes straight into research and development for new signals, we are able to offer our subscribers a bigger signal library that may cater to their specific requirements. We are in the process of developing an altogether new technological platform that will function similarly to Netflix for emotions, and we want our users to stay with us for the long haul.

The crowdfunding effort for Hapbee on Indiegogo was a huge success, raising close to half a million dollars. Is production proceeding in accordance with the timetable? When may supporters anticipate receiving the goods that they have pledged for?

Yes, we can certainly say that the campaign was a huge success! Many people want to wean themselves off the substances they use to manage their feelings throughout the day—the cup of coffee at 4 p.m., the glass of wine after work—so that they can live healthier lives with improved mental Fitness. Hapbee is providing a solution to this need by developing a product that meets this demand. We introduced Hapbee to influential people such as Joe Polish, Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, and Suzy Batiz, and they all liked it. As a result, they spread the word about it to their own networks, and the campaign quickly gained momentum.

Because they are considered important enterprises, our manufacturers have been permitted to continue operating normally during the lockdowns. Nonetheless, we have been forced to locate new print shops, bag makers, and design firms. Having said that, we are still on schedule to meet our deadlines for beginning shipments to the people who backed us on Indiegogo at the end of May and the beginning of June.

The wearable may still be acquired via the Indiegogo in-demand platform, but when can we expect it to become widely available in retail stores?

During the “Open Beta” phase of the product, which is when supporters get to be the first to use the product and offer us feedback and suggestions as we get ready for our retail launch, we are continuing our pre-sale via Indiegogo at This is part of our “Open Beta” phase of the product. At the Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference, which will take place in California at the end of July this year, we want to debut our complete retail and online retail operations.

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From here, what are the next steps for the company?

At the moment, our primary emphasis is on providing this first product while simultaneously expanding the app platform. After our software has been launched, we want to update it every few months with a new signal feeling for our subscribers to experience. Our objective is to include dozens more emotions in the app over the next year or two. This will provide our customers with greater power and a wider variety of options, allowing them to experience a diverse range of sensations with just a few clicks on the Hapbee app. In addition to this, we are investigating the possibility of developing our signals in new form factors that may be delivered to members. Last but not least, we are having conversations with a wide variety of technology partners, distributors, and even some major businesses who are interested in distributing Hapbee to their customers.

In what direction do you anticipate this particular technology to develop over the next several years?

You have the power to choose how you feel, and we want to empower you to do so. This is a message that is resonating with a lot of people right now. We are in no way a panacea, and there is simply no substitute for enough rest, a decent diet, laughing, physical activity, and meditation. Our objective is to improve each of those experiences while also ensuring that individuals maintain their equilibrium. We believe that Hapbee is a wonderful match for that sector since there is a significant opportunity to assist individuals in finding a healthy option that may help them feel better throughout the day and decrease stress.

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