An much awaited ANT+ connection is added to the Polar OH1 and H10


ANT+ connectivity is now available on the Polar OH1 and H10 heart rate monitors. Thanks to yesterday’s firmware changes, the eagerly awaited capability is now available.

The Polar OH1 and H10 now have the long-awaited ANT+ connection.

For individuals seeking a more accurate method of tracking their heart rate than a wrist tracker, both devices are fantastic choices. The OH1 should be worn on your upper or lower arm, whereas the H10 should be worn on your chest. Most people agree that Polar heart rate monitors are among the most accurate sensors available.

This software upgrade is significant. The OH1 and H10 now allow you to stream your heart rate in real time to an infinite number of devices through ANT+, in addition to Bluetooth.

The OH1+, which Polar recently introduced, already includes this functionality. The change implies that the swim Goggle clips included in the more recent version are now the only distinction between the OH1 and OH1+.

The Review of the Polar OH1 is a must-read for reliable heart rate monitoring on land and in water.

The Flow app on your smartphone or FlowSync on your computer both allow you to download the upgrade to your OH1. On your smartphone, you can download the Polar Beat or Polar Flow apps to access H10.

The app will prompt you to update automatically as long as your sensor is paired. The ANT+ feature will be turned on by default after installation, but you may turn it off in the Polar Beat app settings.

The software updates (version 3.0.50 for H10 and version 2.0.10 for OH1) include the customary bug repairs and performance enhancements. Additionally, the OH1’s battery life has seen some upgrades.


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