An upgrade to Withings Health Mate will bring about additional sleep features

Within the next few days, Withings Health Mate will receive an upgrade that will bring with it the ability to sync sleep data from Apple Watches and add a sleep report PDF.

Several improvements have been made to the Withings app, which is compatible with all of the company’s products. A few days ago, we published an article discussing the Vascular Age statistic that will soon be available to users of the Body Cardio smart scale. It does this by comparing the readings of your Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) to those of other persons of the same age and with similar physical characteristics.

Your vascular age will be determined as a consequence of this test. This can be either at or below your chronological age or above. Vascular age, in contrast to the PWV, is accessible to users in any country in the world.

Sleep Report and the Apple Watch can synchronize sleep

It has come to our attention that the Health Mate app will soon receive more improvements. The option to generate a sleep report in PDF format is the first of these features, and it is available to all owners of the Withings sleep tracking mat.

The report is extremely detailed and includes all of the following information:

  • Sleep duration
  • Quantum of time spent in bed
  • Effectiveness (sleep duration compared to time spent in bed)
  • Sleep schedule visualization
  • The amount of time spent awake.
  • Sleep apnea (if available)
  • Snoring
  • The typical beatings per minute

The fact that you will be able to email the PDF to your physician sounds like a really valuable feature. The report can also provide a great overview of your sleep trends, as shown in the screenshot that was just displayed. This means that it can be prepared for personal use.

A health report can be generated with the Withings Health Mate app already. On the other hand, this is a more comprehensive guide covering topics such as physical activity, cardiovascular health, oxygen saturation, weight, and more. The topic of sleep will be the exclusive subject of the upcoming report.

The previous year, we reviewed the Withings Sleep Analyzer and determined that it is an outstanding tool for tracking sleep. The device is designed to be placed under the mattress, where it can then monitor every element of your nocturnal and daily slumber. It can identify sleep apnea as well as snoring. In point of fact, this particular sleep tracking device has earned the recommendation of Gadgets & Wearables.

The second upgrade of Health Mate is designed for users who have an Apple Watch. According to Withings, this function has been requested by consumers rather frequently. Health Mate will now support syncing sleep data collected by Apple Watches, allowing owners of that device to view and analyze their sleep patterns.

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