ArcX allows users to take split times, control playlists, and more with a ring

The functionality of ArcX is analogous to that of a remote control for your smartphone. It frees your mind to concentrate on the activity at hand rather than the screen in front of you.

At this point, it is fair to say that the market for smart rings is still in its infancy.Which is rather strange, taking into consideration how crowded the market for wearable technology currently is. There are only a few companies competing in the linked ring sector, despite the fact that certain fitness trackers and smartwatches are already on their sixth or seventh iteration.

We have not yet seen a major brand enter this market, but when they do, it is certain to cause some disruption to the status quo. At the moment, your selections are limited to the ura, which monitors your sleep, the wellue O2Ring, which monitors your oxygen levels, and a few more choices. We should have the ability to add one more piece of hardware to this list rather shortly.

The ArcX is a connected ring that was created so that you can workout without being interrupted by outside stimuli. It allows you to operate smartphone playlists (play, pause, skip track forward or back), receive incoming calls, and there is an SOS option that requires you to press and hold it for it to activate. It was designed primarily for sport and fitness. This final action, in addition to calling the appropriate authorities, will send an SMS message containing a link to your location, asking for assistance.

As can be deduced from looking at the photographs, the ring is not intended to be worn during a night out or in an office environment. However, the construction of the medical-grade silicone rubber assures that it is durable and impervious to water (IP66 rated). You may trigger individual smartphone features with the help of the onboard joystick, which has five different directions and is compact. This is combined with two LED indicators of different colors.

You have the option of selecting one of several modes, including the playlist mode, the stopwatch mode, and the call mode. In addition, the corresponding mobile app for your smartphone allows you to personalize your own style. Any device that has a Bluetooth connection that has been authorized can be controlled. The design, which resembles a joystick, makes it possible to use only one hand.

ArcX is incredibly practical, despite the fact that it does not have the most attractive design. It enables you to engage in physical activity while concealing your phone in a secure location, such as a pocket or a bag. Ideal for running, cycling, skiing, swimming, hiking. You are getting the point.

The cobalt, fire, and graphite color variations are all available for selection when purchasing the ring. There are four stretch-fit outer rings included in the box. Determine the correct size, and then place the technological module inside. There is also the possibility to use a strap mount in order to secure the thing to a handlebar, kayak paddle, or some other piece of gear.

On Kickstarter, the product has received over $35,000 in funding with 17 days left in the campaign. If all goes according to plan with the manufacturing, a promise of approximately $70 will have one of these delivered to your doorstep in the month of July.

Price range: $69 and up.

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