The alliance between the Earth Taurus and the Aquatic Cancer is one of the most reconcilable, which will surely help determine the compatibility between the Taurus man and the Cancer woman.

The male Taurus is ruled by the planet of Venus, also known as the Goddess of Love, who deals with matters related to love and money. She is associated with being sensual, kind, romantic, and compassionate.

The female Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, which represents the true self, the emotional aspects, and the unconscious state of mind.

The Earth element in the nature of the Taurus man makes him sensitive, down to earth and practical, while the Water element in the nature of the Cancer woman makes her more adaptable, always flowing and turning.

He is very loyal and creative, as well as being a bit tough and stubborn in his traits.

On the other hand, the female Cancer is full of sympathy, care and sensitivity. It is also deeply involved with emotions, as well as intuitions.

Therefore, the Taurus man and Cancer woman love compatibility may have a higher chance of success than other sun signs in the zodiac.


The romance between Taurus man and Cancer woman will be a beautiful experience as they both have similar traits.

The soft and gentle nature of the Cancer woman draws him towards her and this in turn makes the Taurus man Cancer woman compatibility a wonderful partnership.

She is someone who will do anything for her partner if she is sure to spend the rest of her life with him. Until she has found the man of hers who is monetarily insured, who cares and protects her, and who shows a lot of affection and love, she will always be willing to refrain from a romantic association.

The Taurus male may take his own time to fall into a romantic alliance with the Cancer female, as he is very strong at heart and does not wish to give everything away at once.

But once he is sure of her, he will show himself to her and do whatever it takes to maintain a beautiful relationship with her.


Both the Taurus male and the Cancer female will share a great bond with each other. A certain level of understanding can be expected between this love duo, which can increase the Taurus man and Cancer woman compatibility.

The male Taurus will make sure that he gets involved in this benevolent association, as he can be showered with lots of love from her. He will be vehemently involved in this relationship that she will also appreciate very much.

The Cancer woman will be delighted to have a partner like him and in return she will also give her best to make sure that the spark in the relationship is always maintained.

The Taurus man is a bit possessive and overprotective, although not very jealous. In that way, he is quite level-headed and empirical in maintaining relationships. Although, she may have some issues related to loyalty.

Due to her overthinking nature, the Cancer woman may develop fears related to her fidelity, which she will regret later, since everything she believes is part of the false mind game that she allows herself to play.


The Taurus man and Cancer woman in a love compatibility test can radiate like a bright light or start to flicker, depending solely on how Taurus and Cancer handle their relationship.

It is important for the Cancer woman to express her love, affection and care for the male Taurus through her actions. If she is not shown the sympathy and love that she expects, she may feel that her partner is no longer interested in him.

As far as your physical relationship is concerned, you will spend the most passionate and pleasurable time together in bed. They are both equally sensual and the Taurus male is someone who knows how to make love through her touch and his ways of expressing her love for her, intimately.

They will form a great bond where he will make her realize that she is an important part of his life and that she will be loved. This will make the Cancer female adore him to the core of her feelings.

Taurus man compatibility with Cancer woman will depend on how much they trust and understand each other, to maintain this beautiful relationship.


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