A very fascinating relationship is anticipated between the Scorpio man, who belongs to the water sign, and the Sagittarius woman, who belongs to the fire sign.

The Scorpio man's traits are strange, dark and capricious. They live life intensely and passionately, making decisions after deep consideration.

A Scorpio man is extremely careful with people and very observant. He stays close to a handful of people and only depends on those few. He is serious and responsible and protects those he loves.

Sagittarius feels the extremes of emotions. They are delusional, spontaneous and assertive beings.

A Sagittarius woman is extremely ambitious, goal-oriented, and idealistic. Her knack for adventure keeps her going as she lives a life beyond the ordinary. She is sociable, full of life and enjoys freedom about anything.

A Sagittarius woman is a ball of fire, she is fierce and fiery, a Scorpio man is cool, calm and collected. They complement each other, because water puts out fire.

Your chances of a long-term relationship may seem slim, but as they say, "opposites attract." Although they are contrasting personalities, they are compatible. They have enough common ground to share their lives with each other.


The Sagittarius woman is flirty and fun. The Scorpio man is mysterious and this draws him to her. He is an expert in reading between the lines and therefore can stand up to the expectations of him.

They have incredible physical chemistry with each other. It is deep, sensational and dynamic. They are passionate and satisfy each other's desires like no other.

During sexual unions, they express their emotions through their eyes. It is said that if two people love each other, it shows in their eyes.

Scorpio and Sagittarius form a deep connection and their dates are meaningful and honest too. He will try to keep things special by going the extra mile.

He will make it all worthwhile and memorable for both of you as his charm and love will attract and remember her. Scorpios can be materialistic and spend a lot.

A Sagittarius is an independent creature and these gestures can put her off. She will be enough to make her own life and does not believe in debt.


The Scorpio man and the Sagittarius woman understand what they want from each other. If he gives everything, he also expects everything from her, this gives rise to the difference between the two.

She is an independent individual and could be stifled by her Scorpio man's need for closure. She can feel her jealousy when she gets close to another man.

Your frank and approachable nature will attract many. She will have to assure him of her fidelity and her love.

A Sagittarius woman sticks to her upbeat approach during an argument, but her harsh tone and firm stance can get in the way and that's when their personalities get to them.

Having the same nature, they adapt perfectly to the tastes of others. It would be interesting to see them stick to their guns in a discussion.

You can take your time after an argument to blow off steam. He may sulk for days or act exasperated. She also has to understand her thought process and communicate efficiently.

Sagittarius women are extremely expressive and love to communicate and chat, Scorpios are quiet and reserved.

Despite the obvious differences, their very nature can spark a fiery connection between them. This relationship can go a long way if both parties compromise and adjust.


She is frank and direct, he is mysterious and explorer. Both of them will be an interesting couple, she is like an open book, so he will have nothing to explore.

You will have to be completely honest and upfront with her as she is not the convincing type. Initially, he will be reluctant to compromise, but eventually he will give in.

The Scorpio man is usually head over heels in love with her, but he will take things at a slow pace, being the mysterious type, he will keep things interesting.

The Scorpio man has to be sure to commit to the Sagittarius woman. She might feel protective of him and he might feel possessive of her, but in an assertive way. She needs to be careful not to flirt with other men.

It will give you the joy of seeing her interested, confused and free at the same time. Her charm will get her work done, but not as much as her enthusiastic and playful side.

Their different points of view will help to understand each other better. She will encourage him in every possible way and he will be very happy to see her satisfied with him.

When it comes to making love, he knows what he's doing. She will realize her desire to dominate and thus he will live in an intense moment. Her smile will light up her world.


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