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Today, Slinger, the company that makes the tennis ball launcher known as the Slinger Bag, announced that it would be acquiring PlaySight in a deal worth $82 million. This is a continuation of the company’s previous purchases, including GAMEFACE.AI and Foundation Tennis.

At first sight, the shopping binge could appear to be a little bit odd. Particularly with regard to this most recent deal. A manufacturer of tennis ball launchers has acquired PlaySight, an organization specializing in artificial intelligence video technology.

However, Slinger has massive goals for his life. On the tennis court, these are much more than just a simple device that shoots balls in your way from a hopper.

Back in June, we published an article stating that the company is in the process of developing an app. The software is now being developed, and Slinger has just requested that users who are interested register in becoming Beta testers. The software will analyze your technique and provide you with drills, among other features. When you consider all of this, the most recent acquisitions make a lot more sense.

Over the years, we have put a wide variety of tennis equipment to the test, and the Slinger Bag easily ranks among the very finest of them. It resembles an enormous tennis bag in its overall shape. When it comes to ball poppers, you will have a hard time finding a smaller one that offers the same level of capability - especially at that price. The Proton Ball Launcher is the only genuine competitor in this race. This one has become available lately, although the price tag is significantly higher.

An adversary who fires balls in your way at a consistent and respectable rate is a formidable foe. In the evaluation we conducted the year before, we discovered that the Slinger Bag lives up to its claims. You have complete command over the speed, angle, and other aspects. Clearly, there is a lot to appreciate about this.

The next app is anticipated to introduce an altogether new facet to Slinger Bag. The program will guide you through several exercises and have functionality that evaluates your form. You will essentially be able to record a video of yourself playing on the court, and the AI will analyze it to determine which aspects of your game could use some work. You will even be able to evaluate your performance compared to other gamers.

There is little question that PlaySight’s expertise in video technology, data capturing, high-performance analytics, and automatic videography will contribute to the app’s development into something that is actually helpful. The equipment is something that has the potential to improve your performance at tennis. PlaySight has a great deal of experience in the relevant fields. Its own SmartCourt tennis system has been utilized for several years by players and instructors involved in various sports. That is a vote of confidence in Slinger’s drive to expand his horizons beyond tennis.

Slinger has stated that its ultimate goal is to produce what it refers to as a “complete suite of ‘Watch, Play, and Learn’ solutions,” which is terrific news in every respect. Unless, of course, you consider yourself to be a tennis instructor! Those of us who already own a Slinger Bag are waiting with bated breath for the new mobile abilities to be implemented.

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