Beginning on February 19th, Xiaomi will begin accepting contributions for a new GPS sports watch

Earlier today, Xiaomi made the announcement that it would open a crowdfunding campaign for a GPS watch on February 19 of next month.

Although Xiaomi already has a variety of low-cost products that are created through its eco-chain business, Huami Technology, this will be the company’s very first time producing a watch under its own brand name. This comprises the Amazfit Pace and Stratos, in addition to the most recent addition, the Verge. According to the findings of our most current evaluation, the item at the end of this list is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for a GPS sports watch in a cost-effective package.

There is also the Amazfit BIP, but this one is a smartwatch that covers a wider range of functions. It is rumored that its replacement will arrive any day now.

Aside from the fact that it will be a sports watch with a built-in GPS, not much else is known about the mysterious product that Xiaomi is working on. A representative from a major technology company has stated that it will be “more than just a sports watch.” Nobody really knows what this means, if anything at all.

It will be fascinating to observe what Xiaomi is able to contribute to the gathering. Because there are already quite a few different models of sports watches available on the market today, its wristwatch will need to have a distinguishing feature in order for it to be noticed among the competition. The other possibility is that it will feature the full range of sensors that are typically used, but at a far more affordable price than their Western equivalents.

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