4 trends in the financial sector in 2019

The financial world has been evolving considerably in recent years. The number of new investors has grown significantly as the market becomes more accessible. And, of course, new trends are forming in the financial sector  with the arrival of 2018. Faced with this scenario, in order to remain relevant, financial institutions need to modernize.

The question here is: where to start. Changes are part of the day to day business of any endeavor, after all. But knowing where to focus for the big changes is still very important. With this in mind, we have brought together a list of the 4 main trends that should impact your work in 2018. Follow:

1. Less intermediate between investor and market

The creation of new applications and resources within the financial sector already allows many investors to do their operations without the need for an intermediary. This changes more and more the value that   market professionals have in this scheme, which is practically irreversible.

Of course, this impacts the role that consultants and other players have in the investments that occur daily. To remain relevant, a financial institution may need more than one intermediate license. Privileged information for all customers will have an increasingly higher value from now on.

2. Greater presence of Artificial Intelligence

Much of the work of market operation is already automated by software . Many applications nowadays are so fast that they could not be carried out by a human being in a timely manner. However, it is still a person who determines the criteria for each action, not the machine itself.

With the growth of artificial intelligence , this may change. The greater autonomy and learning capacity of artificial intelligence makes them even better suited to dealing with investment opportunities . A very strong differential for several market players.

3. Concern about virtual security

Along with the increase in technology , the financial sector has also become more susceptible to virtual threats . Hackers and malware are increasingly common on the internet, and they can find their way up to large companies and cause several havoc. Theft, forgery, kidnapping data , among other crimes.

Fortunately, there are many resources to protect against this type of threat . Systems become increasingly intelligent every day, detecting the fastest danger and counteracting the threat preventively. If you already have enough  technology in your business , know that your security investments will be even more important.

4. In-depth personalization of services and products

More than ever, customers want a product that specifically meets their needs. Therefore, the increasing demand for customization and flexibility of certain schemes.

Investing in these advantages can make your business stand out from the competition, attract leads and retain high-value customers . The sooner you can offer this differential, the better.

Now that you know the main trends of the financial sector for 2018, it’s time to prepare to have a more profitable year.

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