5+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins (Free and Paid)

WordPress plugins have many kinds and functions. One of the most important is the plugin to do the backup process. There are some of the best WordPress plugins to do the backup process, but before that there are some things you need to know why doing a backup process is important.

Backup is a must do for those of you who have website services. The goal is to anticipate if things happen that are not desirable. For example, if you get hacked, a virus, or a problem occurs when updating themes and other plugins.

Although most web hosting service providers already offer backup features. However, there is nothing wrong if you also do backups independently on a regular basis. This will make it easier for you when you want to restore a problematic WordPress at any time.

Features that you need to pay attention to when choosing a backup plugin

When you are looking for the best WordPress plugins to do backups, there are several things that need to be considered. Below are some things you need to pay attention to when choosing a suitable backup plugin:

  • Manual backup options : The backup plugin definitely offers a manual backup feature, this feature is used to manually backup. But there is no need to worry, users only need to do a few clicks until the backup process runs.
  • Automated backups : In some plugins it provides automatic backup features. This is necessary, because usually users will forget to make regular backups. Through this feature, the backup process can run automatically and users do not need to do it every time.
  • Incremental backups : Incremental backups are a feature of the backup plugin that runs the backup process automatically when there are changes to the file or section of the website. This feature can ease the server load because it does not do a full backup.
  • Disaster recovery : This feature is offered by a plugin that is useful for handling problems when there is a problem with the backup process. For example, like upgrading but failing, this feature will handle and return to the previous version.
  • Downloadable backups : Almost all backup plugins offer this kind of feature. Although sometimes the file is saved to the backup server, but sometimes you need to save it in an offline folder or on a local computer.

List of the Best WordPress Plugins for Backup

Here are some choices of WordPress plugins for your website. There are several free and paid plugins that you can customize to your blog or website needs.

1. BackupBuddy

Best WordPress Backup Plugins - BackupBuddy

The first plugin is BackupBuddy. BackupBuddy is a backup plugin that has been around for a long time in WordPress. Since 2010, BackupBuddy has secured more than 1.5 million WordPress users.

Its use is also quite easy, you just have to do a few clicks and the backup process can run automatically. This backup process is carried out in full, so that all databases and files are directly backed up .

You can also redirect the backup file to another location and restore it easily. In addition, you can do scheduled backups so that you do not need to process manually when making a backup.

Another capability offered by this plugin is database optimization. When using premium features, you will get 1 GB of free storage on Stash Live Storage. This storage allows you to make regular backups when there are changes to the database such as modifications to the post.

The above features can work well even if you only use cheap shared hosting.

2. BlogVault

Best WordPress Backup Plugins - BlogVault

The second plugin is BlogVault. BlogVault is one of the popular WordPress backup plugins. The backup process carried out by BlogVault is done on BlogVault server so that the backup process does not overload the web hosting server. This feature makes BlogVault better known as the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution rather than the WordPress plugin service.

Plugins automatically backup your website every day and also allow you to manually create unlimited on-demand backups . Unlimited on-demand is a feature that allows backups to be carried out and only updates modified files. Of course this will save server load and ensure optimal performance on the web hosting server.

Besides being used for the backup process, this plugin can easily recover your website easily. You can save 90 days of backup files so you can recover sites when accidental problems occur.

3. BoldGrid Backup

Best WordPress Backup Plugins - BoldGrid Backup

The third plugin is BolgGrid backup. BoldGrid Backup is a simple WordPress backup plugin. This plugin you can use to create backup files on the website.

This plugin is a WordPress backup solution developed by BoldGrid, which is one of the famous website builders on WordPress.

You can use the BoldGrid backup to backup and restore when a crash occurs. Like the previous plugins, this plugin can be set to automatically backup or manually backup using one click and easily move it to another web hosting.

In addition, this plugin has a very interesting and good feature, which is error protection. This protection feature backs up the website before the update process occurs. So when the update process fails, the website automatically returns the latest version before the update.

You can use BoldGrid to save backup files up to 10 or save them to storage servers such as FTP, or VPS servers.

4. VaultPress (Jetpack Backups)

Best WordPress Backup Plugins - VaultPress (Jetpack Backups)

The fourth WordPress backup plugin is VaultPress. Initially, this plugin was a product developed independently by Matt Mullenweg, who was the co-founder of WordPress. But now VaultPress is already part of the JetPack product. So, when you want to use this plugin, you need to subscribe to JetPack.

This plugin cannot be used for free so you need to spend a little to use it. However, there are many features that you can use to support the website backup process. For example, just offering security features and several other features.

There are several package options available to use this plugin. You just adjust it to your needs and desires. If you are a loyal Jetpack customer or have used several services, VaultPress is the best choice for you.

5. Duplicator

Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Duplicator

The fifth WordPress backup plugin is Duplicator. Duplicator makes it easier for you to backup into a zip format file, so you can download it offline, then move it to another server or keep it in case if a problem occurs at any time.

One interesting feature of Duplicator is its ability to duplicate websites that have been previously configured before. This feature is almost the same as Staging, which makes it possible for you to create other similar websites on different servers without having to configure from scratch again.

Like other backup plugins, Duplicator allows you to do scheduled backups and send them to other cloud servers, then give notifications to e-mail.

6. Updraft Plus (Free)

Best WordPress Backup Plugins - Updraft Plus (Free)

The sixth best WordPress backup plugin is UpdraftPlus. UpdraftPlus is the Best and most popular WordPress plugin! This plugin has been widely used by WordPress developers as a plugin to run the backup process. No less than 2 million websites worldwide have used it.

UpdraftPlus free version has many features. For example, UpdraftPlus can be used to backup and save it to a cloud server or download it to a local computer. This plugin supports the scheduled backup process and can choose which files you want to backup.

You can also adjust the storage process. You can save backup files to several storage files such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on. Or upload it using other FTP services and cloud services.

You can also restore backups directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Besides being free, this plugin also offers paid services with additions such as migrating or clone websites, searching and replacing databases, supporting multisite, and other features. You just choose to use the free or paid version.


Although sometimes it seems a waste of time and resources. Backup is an important thing to do. This kind of step will really help you when encountering problems on the website. It could be that at any time our website gets hacked and all the data used is lost or there is a problem with the hosting server which causes all the files or website data to be lost.

A list of the best WordPress plugins to do the backup above are some of the preferred plugins that you can use. Just what the needs and convenience of each user is. Because basically every plugin offers almost the same features. However, you can also use the backup feature provided by hosting providers, such as Nestify.

Nestify hosting services provide automatic backup features and offer regular backups on the server. So you don’t need to install plugins and do backups manually.

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