7 Reasons Why You Should Not Trust on AliExpress for Dropshipping

Today, more and more people have used Aliexpress to purchase products. Similarly, many others have opted for this provider to launch a dropshipping store. And although the Asian giant stands out for its low prices and its extensive catalog, there are also many who have been harmed and have decided to opt for a European or national provider. Today we are going to talk about all those negative aspects that we can find when doing dropshipping on Aliexpress : what they are, how they can harm my business and, if we go ahead, how we can get around them.

1. Uncompromising suppliers

On Aliexpress there are reliable suppliers, but there are also some very “doubtful”. Dropshipping in general requires a very professional provider, as you will be delegating the satisfaction of your client. If your supplier does not do it well, the buyers of your store will not have a good experience and will discard it for future purchases. When doing dropshipping with Aliexpress , choosing a good supplier is probably the most important and most complicated aspect.

Look to choose a company that has many positive reviews and comments from customers and runs away from providers who do not have opinions and who do not find much information. Like it or not, this aspect can make the difference between whether your store is successful or not.

2. Excessively long delivery times

Delivery times are eternal. Nothing that surprises us! Aliexpress offers very cheap prices, but in return it can take up to several months to make deliveries. Some clients may find this worthwhile, but not many others.

To avoid complaints -as far as possible- when doing dropshipping with AliexpressIt is essential that the client is informed. First of all, we must be extremely didactic and explain our estimated delivery times very well to our client. If we explain that the delivery time is usually, for example, in 21 days, only those who agree that up to 3 weeks will not receive your product will buy. In this way, we will avoid complaints as much as possible. Never – we repeat, never – we will have to create false expectations to our customers if we want to avoid problems with logistics.

3. Deceptive products

Sometimes the products are not what you expected. Who has not happened? You buy something in some Chinese ecommerce, you wait several weeks (or months) for it to arrive and, when you finally receive it, it has nothing to do with what you saw in the photographs. As the cost of these products is usually derisory (and it is likely that the provider does not speak your language well) you prefer to let it be and not ask for your money back. But you can leave some complaint or an incendiary review on your page, to avoid cheating more people.

When doing dropshipping on Aliexpress, the recipients of the products are your customers, and not you, which can further complicate the situation. When your client receives the article and sees that it is not what he expected, complaints and bad reviews will go directly to your email and your website, compromising future sales.

To solve this aspect, it is best to ask for the item yourself before starting to sell it. Once you have seen it, you will be able to assess first hand if it has the expected quality.

4. Low quality marketing material

In many cases, it is not only the products that have low quality. We can also find that the material that the manufacturer gives you to publicize their articles (such as photographs and descriptions) is quite deficient. To deal with this, the best solution is to make them yourself. Acquire a sample of each item that you are going to sell (if a product comes in several colors or sizes, remember to buy one of each) and unleash your most publicity side.

To do it well you will have to have, of course, photography knowledge (or hire a professional photographer). In addition, you must write the text yourself for the product listings if you see that the manufacturer’s contribution does not “sell” too well.

It is a remarkable amount of work, but necessary if the supplier you buy does not stand out because of the content it provides. This is one of the main disadvantages of doing dropshipping in Aliexpress : to have an attractive store, in many occasions it is necessary to invest more time and money in leaving the product cards as flashy as possible.

5. Problems with the language

The language barrier is a reality with China. Although more and more companies have employees who speak English, it is not uncommon that there are “confusions” due to messages that have not been understood correctly. And we are not talking only about confusions in the emails or in the calls that you send. When a provider does not speak good English or our language, we can find incorrect product descriptions and end up selling items that are not what we expect.

When you do dropshipping with Aliexpress , try to find a provider with whom the communication is fluid and that does not misinterpret what you ask.

6. Very small margins

In dropshipping in general, the margins are not too high (since the provider frees you from many tasks that would otherwise take time and money). However, in the dropshipping on Aliexpress the margins are especially small. The delivery times and the quality of the articles are usually not good, so you should keep the prices of Aliexpress low if you want to sell. Therefore, you will need a lot of traffic and many sales to be able to get interesting benefits.

7. We will not have traceability of the shipments

This aspect is closely linked to the second point: the logistics of shipments that come from China is quite deficient. In addition to lengthening weeks or months, we can hardly ever know where our order is. They will not give us a code to see the status of the shipment and, if a customer asks us when their order arrives, we cannot give them any response.

As we see, doing dropshipping on Aliexpress is not a boat ride. Although everything can be solved with time and desire, for many it is easier to look for a European dropshipping provider that speaks our language and is prepared to respond to the needs of our customers. Fortunately, if we finally decide to give up doing dropshipping on Aliexpress, there are many companies well prepared and with a wide catalog to which we can turn.

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