All Harry Potter spells: Wizards Unite – Complete Guide

If you have always waited for the Hogwarts letter to be able to feel like a student of the magic and sorcery school, you should know that it is your moment. Thinking of you and the other followers of the universe focused on the boy who survived, Niantic has developed a game that you want to have on your mobile, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

We have already seen several images and videos that provide a lot of information about the game , although at the moment the date on which the company will change the “Pre-registration” that is maintained in Google Play by the “Install” function is unknown . While we wait for that to happen, we will prepare the subject of Charms knowing all the Harry Potter spells: Wizards Unite .

Play Store – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (Pre-registration)

This is how spells work in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

When you start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you become a new member of the Working Group on the Statute of Secrecy. After that appointment, it is time to go out to dangerous streets because of the appearance of people, creatures and different objects that have changed status or place because of an evil force.

That’s where the spells appear, the tools that will allow you to complete the tasks that arise as you walk through the city. For example, if you want to return the object you just found to its original form, you must perform the corresponding spell with a precise movement of the magic wand, the same if you want to defeat the rival with which you are going to fight.

You will not be able to perform all the spells you want, you will depend on the Spell Energy. For each of the tricks performed, the energy will drop and it may be completely depleted. Don’t worry, you can replace it with the food and drinks available at the inns.

If you are a follower of the Harry Potter saga, it is very likely that you will know all the spells available in the game for Android and iOS. If so, you already have a large part of the work done, you just have to remember and practice, something that we will help you with next.

All Harry Potter spells: Wizards Unite

Accio, the summoning spell

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite could not miss one of the oldest spells known to wizards. Accio consists of invoking an object to reach the player, whether it is within his field of vision or not . In addition to the pronunciation of the word Accio, this spell can also be performed with a wand movement similar to a U upside down.

Aguamenti, the water spell

Simply pronounce Aguamenti or move the wand as if you were drawing an inclined S to launch a stream of water from the tip of the player’s wand .

Alohomora, the unlocking spell

It seems that this spell will be of great importance when playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as it allows you to unlock the target, be it doors, windows or other locks . Be careful, because these objects may be delighted so that they do not fall for the effects of Alohomora. If you want to do it with your wand, you will have to draw an “e” rotated to the left in the air.

Arrest Momentum, the slowing spell

Nothing like Arrest Momentum for any player to reduce the speed of an object in seconds . To use it, simply draw an M with the wand.

Bombarda, the bomb spell

Bombarda is the spell used by magicians to cause explosions of low caliber, enough to open doors or windows that had been sealed . As for the wand movement, it will have to be similar to a triangle.

Diffindo, the enchanting disconnector

Cutting or tearing objects accurately using the Diffindo spell is another task you can perform as a player. Draw a beam in the air with your wand and you can cut any object.

Ebublio, a spell that catches

In case you need to catch a person, creature or object, you can do it in a giant bubble using the Ebublio spell. That bubble cannot explode by physical force, so your captures will not escape easily. To practice this enchantment in the game, you will have to draw an inverse on the screen.

Expecto Patronum, a spell with history

All lovers of the magical universe of Harry Potter know the Patronum Expect and its consequences. Dementors are also characters from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, so you’ll have to use this popular spell to end them. As you can see in the video, using it is really easy.

Finite, the general counter-spell

Finite can be a very useful spell while playing, as it serves to reverse minor damage, such as curses or minor spells .

Flipping, spell to shift

As you have seen, in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite there will also be clashes with other characters and players. To push back the enemy and win a few seconds, you can use the Flipendo spell. To invoke it with your wand, you must draw something similar to a V on the screen.

Fire, the fire spell

As the name implies, Fire is the spell that makes the wand expel fire . To do it with your wand, you will only have to draw an A.

Meteoloembrujo Recanto, the spell of time

This counter-spell serves to stop the effects of weather caused by other spells .

Ridikkulus, the spell for the Boggart

This spell is used specifically against the boggart, a magical creature that takes the form of its victim’s worst fear. To prevent this from happening, the magician casts the Ridikkulus spell and manages to make the boggart something humorous that does not cause terror .

So far all the spells present in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that we know so far. It should be noted that the game itself will show you the movements of the wands necessary for each one of them, although you can practice them with the image above.

Once trained and secured that pass in the Charms exam, it’s time to wait for Niantic to decide to officially launch the game. It will not be for a long time, since it is supposed to arrive during this summer to be able to repeat the success of Pokémon GO .

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