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BitLife – Life Simulator Cheats – Guide and tips for the newbie

BitLife Cheats - Life Simulator - Guide

There are so many possibilities in this game that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed. Especially if you are a beginner player you may not even know very well what you should do to get the most out of the game. But rest assured, because we have made this little guide with tips and tricks of BitLife – Life Simulator dedicated especially to these more novice players.

BitLife – Life Simulator Cheats

The first of the BitLife – Life Simulator tricks that we are going to give you is that you use the option to study hard always in your school years. This will increase your chance of having a better job in the future, which is a very good goal to keep in mind later on when the game progresses.

Be careful with money , obviously. Bit Life – Life Simulator does not allow you to rent your home but you can sell it. In this case, do not do it lightly: we recommend that you choose a better house and save until you can pay it along with what you can pay for the previous house.

Health, lottery and future life

It seems silly, but one of the tricks of BitLife – Life Simulator is to take care of your health above all else, and if you fall ill, focus all your attention on recovering. In general, we recommend that you always keep in mind the statistics bars to keep all in green, which would indicate that they are fine. The first thing is that, the rest is secondary.

Play the lottery. Although in real life we ​​might come to consider that it is throwing money for the small possibilities that touch, in BitLife – Life Simulator the possibilities are higher, so who knows: maybe it is the way to solve the rest of your life for forever.

Finally, and although it may seem cruel, one of the tricks of BitLife – Life Simulator is that you marry as old as you can. It will be better in any situation for the state and the happiness of the character, so although it may sound bad, this is life in the game and it is best to get married as old as you can. Yes, do it.

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