Dauntless Servers – Current Status of the Online Server

Dauntless Servers Down

What will you find in this article?

The success of the game has been so unexpected that even the development studio itself was not prepared for it. Yes, the servers of Dauntless fail continuously and although it is increasing daily the number of players are still producing very long and short waits, with many problems. We are going to help you check the current status of the game’s online server.

Dauntless Server Status

How to check the current status of Dauntless servers

There are several ways to check the status of the Dauntless servers in real time, to know if everything is working correctly or if there is some kind of problem. The main route is through the official website, where you will be able to know the status of all these online features:

  • Chat
  • Game Servers
  • Login
  • Pairing
  • Social
  • Store
  • Web page

This will help you to check if the Dauntless servers are active directly at that moment and if there are any of these functionalities that are suffering a problem. The web itself indicates through colors and comments all these states, so it is very easy to verify and know it.

Phoenix Labs continues working daily in Dauntless to improve its servers but also the own functionalities of the game, like the next update that we have already revealed to you. Do not forget that you can also take a look at all our guides of the game, like this one in which we help you to quickly farm the Orbs.

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