For Honor Beginners Tips – How to Parry, Cancel Attacks and Executions

For Honor Tips

We help you make parry, cancel attacks and executions in For Honor with these tips for beginners.

For Honor has a deep combat system that requires skill, patience and knowing how to read the opponent’s strategy. Everyone ends up repeating a dynamic no matter how much the goal is to be difficult to read, and therefore you will need to know how to make parrys, how to cancel the attacks and how to make executions.

Then we will help you master each of the aspects of For Honor just mentioned, so that you have it easier when attacking and defending yourself. Here the skill is almost everything, so master all the ins and outs of combat to be harder to crack.

For Honor – How to make Parrys

To make a parry in For Honor you press the strong attack button in the same direction in which the opponent is attacking. You have time to do it and if it connects with the opponent’s attack you will achieve it. In most circumstances, you may attack too soon and do not succeed, or attack too late and take damage. If the opponent is in revenge mode you will not be able to do them.

As you can see, knowing how to make a parry in For Honor gives you many defensive advantages, but it is also very dangerous. To avoid an opponent who abuses them you must learn to have alternatives that deceive him and force him to modify his strategy, for this we tell you how.

The best way to avoid getting parry in For Honor is to cancel your attack, because that way the opponent will telegraph the start of your hit and can make the mistake of trying to do something that you will not do later. How are attacks canceled? That is something we tell you next.

How to cancel an attack

To cancel an attack in For Honor it is important that this is a Heavy attack. To do this you must press B on the Xbox One controller, or on the Playstation controller or “E” if you play with a keyboard from the PC. Just attack and then press this button, or make a dash to the side; You only have to know how to run in For Honor .

Now that you know how to make parrys and cancel attacks in For Honor, you only have to know how to execute the opponent. To do this you must be in poor health and you must make a strong attack, and then they will ask you to press triangle or square (X or Y on Xbox One) to do the execution you prefer, but watch out if they attack you, everything will be canceled.

The grace of executions in For Honor is that they give more points and make the opponent can not be revived, although they regenerate their respawn 3 seconds. Each hero starts with two executions but they can be unlocked more by playing For Honor, we tell you how

For Honor – How to run and unlock them

To unlock them you need to accumulate the currency of the game and spend it in the customization area in the menu, accessing the abilities of a hero and selecting the executions in the submenu. Each one costs 5,000 coins.

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