How to add bots to WhatsApp, Telegram

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The discussion of which is better, whether WhatsApp or Telegram , is a discussion that has no end. I, for example, use both applications and there are things that I love about one and things that I love about the other . Without a doubt, one of the functions I love about Telegram are the bots . For those who do not know, bots are small programs that we install in the app and allow us to perform actions, and although WhatsApp does not yet have them, there is a small trick that we can use to have them .

Go ahead that what we are going to use is not an official application or affiliated with WhatsApp . It is an “experiment” that allows us to interact with the bot application from WhatsApp itself . That means we will need to have both applications installed at the same time in order to use the bots in WhatsApp. That said, we continue with this little tutorial .

qeuBot, the Telegram bots on WhatsApp

As we can deduce from the title of this section, the application we are going to use is called qeuBot . This app is the equivalent of Telegram bots and basically brings together different functions and accesses that we can access from the WhatsApp chat itself . It sounds a bit confusing, but you’ll quickly understand it with the examples.

The application has several functions, which are the following: Wikipedia, calculator, news, IMdB, GIF’s, images, time and horoscope. Writing a certain code –which you have below– in our WhatsApp chats we will activate the bot – reason why it asks us to activate accessibility from the settings – and this will send a message to our contact or group with the information we have searched for. That’s how it works:

  • Android @Wiki : Search for information about Android on Wikipedia.
  • 45 + 15 x 9 @calc : Makes the mathematical operation we have written.
  • Android @news : Search for the latest news about Android.
  • Deadpool @imdb : Search for the information of the movie in question on IMdB.
  • Cats @gif : Search for cat GIFs.
  • Madrid @weather : show the city time we want.
  • Android @pic : Search for Android images in Bing Images.
  • Leo @horoscope : look for the horoscope of our sign.

Using these functions we will activate the bot and automatically send a message to the contact with the information . Here is the first application failure: we cannot decide whether or not to send the message. It sends it automatically. The second problem is that not all functions are activated in the free version of the application. News, GIFs and images in Bing do not work in the free version.

To activate all the functions we will have to buy the full version , something that is done through in-app purchase . The cost of the complete application is € 1.69 , and although it is a fairly new application, the truth is that it works really well and gives us what it promises. If you want to see what Telegram bots on WhatsApp would be like , qeuBot can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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