Long-Tail Keywords for SEO: Why you should do this?

Search engine positioning is a profession in itself and almost a science. It hides many technical terms whose knowledge is useful for anyone who manages a web page and who, therefore, is worried about their position in search engines like Google. The term we will focus on today is Long tail, a concept that will help us to get visits, but that, above all, will facilitate a better performance of the websites, and a higher conversion rate of the clients .

What is long tail keyword?

In a website we are able to position certain terms in search engines, a small set of them. It is obvious, since the content of our site is the one that contains those keywords or keywords through which we appear in searches.  In this blog you will find many articles on keywords and how to get the most out of them from different points of view: negative keyword, selection for voice searches, etc.

Generally, we tend to propose Web Positioning with very generic terms, but the reality is that the more we pinpoint our SEO objectives, the better performance we will have. This can be easily seen with an example. If we have a page of a mechanical workshop, without a doubt, we would like to appear in the searches of  Mechanical Workshop . On the other hand, we could also try to position our website by more specific keywords. Something like a mechanical workshop for trucks in Seville , or if we have a more specific specialty, could be something like a truck paint workshop in Seville . The reality is that nine out of 10 of our clients will have come to us with detailed searches, consisting of 4 or more keywords.

These very specific niches are what are called Long tail keywords.

Advantages of long tail keywords

Now let’s see why we should worry about positioning Long tail terms. Actually, the answer requires only a little common sense. Following our example, the mechanical workshop is a very generalist keyword that, without a doubt, could give us a lot of traffic. However, as responsible for the website of this company, what really interests us is that we report enough new customers and the truth is that getting a conversion with such a generic keyword will be complicated. The reason? Mechanical workshop searches can come from anywhere in the world and really our potential customers are those who live in a particular city or who need a specific service within that location.

Just put yourself in the skin of the user seeking information . If someone is looking for a mechanical workshop for their electric car in Mumbai, the safest thing is that they do not look for the generalist keyword, but for something like the electric car mechanic in Mumbai. That is the client that interests us! Therefore, these are the key words that we should strive to position: those of our specialty and scope of action.

How to position long tail keywords

SEO with specific terms or Long tail is achieved through the inclusion of such text strings in the content of the page. In that sense, there is not much theoretical variation regarding generic SEO. That list of keywords should appear, one or more times, in the text of the page, written as we think users can search us on Google. We must try to insert such strings in phrases, of different types, both in paragraphs, as headings (H1, H2 …), texts of the links, etc. In addition, we can make small variations of the keywords, although always trying to get a natural language, as people would read or write it.

In addition to in-site positioning, we can also do off-site positioning, trying to link from other pages with our own, using the string of words Long tail that we want to conquer as the link text.

We hope that, with these recommendations, you can improve the performance of your business on the Internet, focusing efforts on those keywords that are best for you to acquire new customers. In our section of Web Positioning , you will find more articles and tutorials that can help you in these tasks .

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