Orbs in Dauntless – How to Farm Them Fast

Dauntless Orb Farming Guide

The Orbs in Dauntless are totally necessary resources to create or improve the different armor and weapons of the game. There are different ways to obtain them, but if you are in the middle of a farming process, you will surely need to know what is the best possible method. That’s what we are for, to help you achieve it.

How to farm Orbs in Dauntless quickly and easily

The first thing is to know that there are different types of Orbs in Dauntless, that you have to know to differentiate to know exactly what we need. In the forge and in the armory, when you want to create or improve some piece of equipment, you will see the resources that are necessary to do it. You can also see what you have and what you do not.

Generally, when you need to create or improve a weapon of a specific element, you will need orbs of that element. For example, perhaps you want to create a sword of fire to face an icy beast, and you seem to be able to create it, you will need Orbs of fire before. That will be the moment when you will need to start farming them.

How to farm them depending on what you need

Basically, we’re going to get Orbs in Dauntless every time we defeat a Behemoth of the concrete type. That is, if we defeat a Terra Behemoth, we will obtain when Orbs de Terra defeats it, and the same will happen with fire, ice, electric … so the process is simple: check what kind of Orb you need and Make a hunt for a monster of that type to get them.

Take advantage of daily bonuses

The good thing about farmear Orbes in Dauntless is that you can take advantage of one of the functions that the game offers on a daily basis: the first two fighters of the day will give you extra loot. That is, you will get more resources than usual in these first hunts, so take advantage of them to the fullest.

Some things that probably should be considered:

– Doing patrols is the fastest way to gain orbs (type depends on patrol type)

– You have a chance of getting a small extra amount of orbs anytime you break a part or kill a behemoth (same type as patrol)

– Hunt pass technically increases orb gains by a little because it adds extra loot on a kill


At the moment there is no other way to get Orbs in Dauntless, because they are not included in the store or it seems that they can be achieved through micropayments. Let the hunting go well.

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