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Seven in Mystic Messenger – How to seduce and conquer it

Seven in Mystic Messenger - How to seduce and conquer it

Guide on how to seduce and conquer Seven in Mystic Messenger. Get it with this simple step by step.

Today we are going to offer you a guide that will allow you to seduce and conquer Seven in Mystic Messenger, this joking and charismatic character. In addition to being able to have your love you will unlock its end, so follow step by step our advice to get it.

How to conquer Seven in Mystic Messenger step by step

The first and most important thing to seduce Seven Mystic Messenger is that you follow all his jokes, without exception. Never tell him that it is childish since you would automatically lose the opportunity to conquer him. It’s a matter of giving him a little bit of pill to make him feel completely at ease with us and that way he ends up falling in love.

At some point you will have problems and you should be there to show all your support. Be careful, do not tell him he has to work hard, since this would also nullify the possibility of seducing him. Tell him that from time to time he should take some rest.

Be careful when it is not a joke, because then it will not be good for you to do it. If you see that it gets serious and that the conversation takes a less fun tinge, do the same: this will help you to seduce Seven in Mystic Messenger because you will discover that you have as fundamental support and not only as a companion of laughter.

No hint, rascal

Although it may seem the most obvious if we want to conquer it, the opposite will happen. Do not insinuate sexually at any time with him, or when the opportunity arises and seems very obvious. He does not like to joke about that.

What you love above all and what will help you to conquer Seven in Mystic Messenger are the cats, so do it too. Enjoy these hairy creatures and let them know. Do not tell him he abuses them and if he insinuates you tell him that it is your way of showing your love and respect to these animals, he will love it.

Trust him blindly, never question his word unless he confirms it himself. And no need to say that if you tell a secret keep it as such and do not tell any other character.

Yes, Seven is a bit abusive with other characters but if you want to seduce him you must support him at this time as well. Become your accomplice when you try to annoy them and you will love that you are at their side even in these instants.

Another important point is that do not try to link with Zen at any time, this would cancel any chance of ending with Seven in Mystic Messenger.

If he gets angry with you, do not take it badly

At one point Seven is going to be angry with you, but your answer must be one of understanding. In no time you get angry back or start a discussion, since it would also end all possibilities with him. In this sense, you must also follow their instructions whenever you want to do something.

We hope that with these tips you can get to conquer Seven in Mystic Messenger.

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