Body heat is the source of power for the PowerWatch X, which also has fitness tracking and notifications

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t need to charge your smartwatch each and every day. What if, in point of fact, you were never required to charge it?

This issue can be remedied by using the PowerWatch, which is powered solely by the heat generated by your body. The housing of the device contains thermoelectric technology, which can convert heat to electric power and is included with the device. The business raised approximately $1.6 million through Indiegogo during the previous year in order to create the device.

This year at CES 2018, the Bay Area start-up will be showing a new version of the watch that they originally developed. It is referred to as the Matrix PowerWatch X, and it boasts support for smartphone alerts transmitted via Bluetooth, a strengthened bezel, a practically indestructible silicone rubber strap, and water resistance that is rated at 200 meters. Additionally, it is more durable.

You have access to all of the fantastic fitness monitoring capabilities that were available on the device of the previous generation. This contains information on the number of calories expended, steps done, and hours of sleep taken. The app for your smartphone that goes along with it will even show you how much electricity you have generated throughout the day, as well as weekly trends and all-time records.

If you remove it, the device will enter a sleep mode, at which time all of your information will be stored securely within its internal memory. As soon as you put it back on, the watch will pick up exactly where it left off.

Preorders for the PowerWatch X can be placed now for the price of $249.99, and shipments are anticipated to begin some time in early 2018.

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