Boost your energy by adjusting your body clock with Pocket Sky

According to an Austrian startup, all people should be able to profit from blue-light therapy. Pocket Sky is a portable and elegant light therapy wearable that can decrease the need to rely on coffee or pharmaceuticals to keep alert and focused.

The visible light spectrum includes a portion called blue light. It is a form of high-energy visible light because of its short wavelength. Through common technology and artificial lighting, people are being exposed to it more and more. This has some negative effects in that too much of it might disrupt our circadian cycles. This is why it is suggested that you restrict exposure before going to sleep as it may deceive your brain into believing it’s sunlight.

But what if you could make use of these effects?

Pocket Sky operates just like the sun. It emits a gentle blue light to prevent the natural sleep hormone melatonin from being produced. Your energy will be increased, and your performance will improve. The device can also aid in improving your sleep at night by keeping you alert during the day. The product is 100% glare, UV, flicker, and Bluetooth-free, according to the manufacturer, and has been tested to be photo biologically safe.

Simply open the case to use it, then put on the specs. Pocket Sky will go through its 20 minute sequence, which starts with a sunrise. Once it’s done, it switches off automatically.

This technique has long been known to professional athletes. When traveling, for example, several NBA teams employ coloured lights treatment to assist their players acclimate to a new time zone more rapidly.

The product, Pocket Sky, is presently on Kickstarter after years of development. It’s impressive how quickly the business was able to accomplish its crowdfunding target. The product sounds like it would be helpful for students studying for exams, shift workers, people with seasonal affective disorder (the “Winter Blues”), and jet lag.

Cost: $111 or more


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