Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 User Opinions, Features and Reviews

The name Samsung is synonymous with high expectations, and the Galaxy Watch 3 lives up to every one of those expectations. If you are looking for a device that offers one of the best experiences with a smartwatch, then you have found it in this product. It operates on Samsung’s own proprietary operating system and comes packed with many useful features. It is an excellent accessory to have if you already own a Samsung smartphone, and even though it does have some flaws, it is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a piece of technology that they can rely on.

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How Well Does Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 Stack Up in Terms of Its Design?

When you consider that this product is an improved version of the original Galaxy Watch, you can reasonably anticipate that it has been improved for commercial distribution. As a result, the news that this iteration is more streamlined, sleeker, lighter than previous iterations, and more comfortable to wear will not surprise you at all.

You can wear either the 41mm or the 45mm version of it because it comes in both sizes. The operation of the watch should not be impacted in any other manner as a result of this. The screen’s resolution is 360 on 360, and the reading is really simple and uncomplicated. In addition, it is possible to view it in any lighting or climate thanks to the adjustable brightness settings.

The weight of the 45mm variant is 53.8g, whereas the weight of the 41mm version is 43g. This ensures that the watch will not be uncomfortably weighty or cumbersome while it is worn on your wrist. You will also like the convenience of the black leather straps, which make it a terrific item to use all day long and offer a high level of comfort.

What kinds of features are included in the Samsung Galaxy 3 Watch?

When it comes to functionality, this device offers many options to choose from. You may receive all of your notifications immediately by linking the apps you download from the Tizen store straight to your smartphone. These apps can be downloaded from the Tizen store. Although Samsung would prefer that you use their watch with one of their own brand phones, it is compatible with a variety of different devices, including Apple products, albeit it does not support all of the features that are available to you if you have a Samsung phone (replying to messages or finding your phone for example).

Additionally, Samsung has put in a lot of effort to develop a watch that can accurately track all of your fitness data. Seven activities will monitor themselves automatically, relieving you of the burden of needing to keep a mental note to push the start and stop buttons. Depending on what you’re interested in, you may also use it to monitor up to forty different activities simultaneously. The monitoring is really accurate, and it provides you with feedback that you can employ to keep track of your progress and establish goals for your future workouts.

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How long does the Samsung Galaxy 3 Watch battery last when it’s fully charged?

As a result of the manufacturer’s decision to lessen the watch’s battery life to meet customer demand for a more compact Smartwatches, the watch’s battery life has become a major topic of discussion. Consequently, it will only be able to operate for two to three days before it needs to be recharged. It is possible that you will find that you need to charge the watch every day if you engage in strenuous physical activity or make extensive use of the GPS feature. This is necessary to ensure that the battery does not die before the middle of the day.

The battery life is not an issue if you have access to power and remember to plug it in each day; however, if you wanted something that would last longer in terms of battery life, then this is device is probably not apt for you. If you wanted something that would last longer between charges, then this is probably not the device for you.

Is There a Good Return on Investment When Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

When compared to all of the fantastic features that are included, the price of this watch is reasonable when it comes to making an outright purchase. You will, however, need to consider the cost of a monthly contract if you want to be able to use it with your phone.

Several companies will now sell smartwatches on contracts just like mobile phones; therefore, it is highly recommended that you shop to find the best bargain possible before you hand over any cash.

Comparing the benefits and drawbacks of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

When it comes to making an expensive purchase of a smartwatch, it is prudent to know the benefits and drawbacks before you shell out the cash to buy one. To assist you in concluding, the following is a rundown of all the relevant factors:


  • Design that is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Completely justified by the asking price.
  • The bezel rotates in its own unique fashion for navigating through the menus
  • A wide variety of practical applications and support for health and fitness.
  • The voice assistant on Samsung works very well.
  • ECG monitoring has been given the go-ahead for use in the US.
  • Because it is compatible with various phone brands, you will not also need to buy a new phone.
  • You have access to a variety of notifications that will keep you informed.
  • Contains information on forty different exercises.
  • Completely water-resistant, making it suitable for use in swimming pools.
  • Options for monitoring the health of women are provided.
  • Can do some price comparison shopping for better contract deals.


  • Initially, an expensive price tag was attached to the purchase.
  • The life of the battery is not very lengthy.
  • Some functionalities may not be available for use on phones that Samsung does not make.
  • It is not suitable for usage in seawater.
  • The BPM (blood pressure monitor) is not now available but will be at a later point, possibly through a software update, which will take place later on in this year.
  • Does not include a silicone fitness strap in the package.

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Should I Spend My Money on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

Yes! This watch is beautiful, but it also features a one-of-a-kind rotating bezel that provides you with the capacity to see everything as you navigate the menu and puts you in charge of what you access and when you access it. It provides a variety of health and fitness functions, allowing you to monitor the state of your body and understand how your efforts are paying off, all from the convenience of your watch face.

Because these devices are not only constructed to a high-quality specification but are also designed to look amazing on your wrist, you can always expect to be the object of envy among your peers when you wear a Samsung watch. This is the second reality that comes into play. Although you will need to come up with a reasonable amount of money to purchase this equipment, you will not be disappointed by its offers.

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