Review of the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected

Review of the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected


There’s no question that smartwatches are more well known than any time in recent memory. Apple is overwhelming this fragment of the tech market, and its contribution continues to improve. Some contend this has eradicated the mechanical watch portion of the market. The portion has been under pressure since the 70s at the pinnacle of the quartz emergency.

Extravagance Swiss brands, in those days, rejected that arising innovation would endure. It was seen as a trend. They were so obstinate about this that some would not move with time, and in the end, their manufacturing plants were blocked and shut for business. However, not every one of them fell. Some drew in with the new universe of better materials and gadgets, regardless of whether they so hesitantly.

What’s stayed undaunted the entire time is the idea of extravagance. Jump to now, and we see that a portion of the extravagance mechanical watch brands ought to have done more to adjust and embrace the innovation. Those that did emerge with smartwatches that rival the tech monsters Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

One of the brands who’ve effectively endured is Breitling, and we’ll be checking out at their Exospace B55 Connected.

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Breitling Exospace B55 Connected

The Breitling brand has been relatively loud in the most recent 30 years or somewhere in the vicinity, yet they’ve generally pushed forward. CVC Capital Accomplices, Europe’s most significant private venture company, went along and gained Breitling 3 a long time back. This infusion of assets was exceptionally welcoming, and with the arrangement of another Chief, Georges Kern, he changed it to the production process.

Breitling Exospace B55 Connected

Kern inclined an exemplary tasteful yet similarly drove the brand into a place of leading wearable innovation. The B55 prototype was unveiled at Baselword in 2015, and later that same year, the production model was delivered. The watch was the possibility of Jean-Paul Girardin, Breitling’s VP.

Girardin is likewise a sharp pilot; thus, the brand is firmly connected with aviation. The B55, in this manner, is explicitly intended to have a place with their Professional collection, which is severe pieces of equipment for the world-class at what they do.

Design and Features

You’ll see it’s anything but a dress watch as it sits on the wrist. It’s very much a beast, be that as it may, it’s comfortable. It has short lugs that bend and a 46mm titanium case, meaning it’s lighter than it looks. It has a unidirectional bezel, and the branded Breitling rider tabs make it move quickly. There’s intricate knurling on the crown, which implies you can turn it without much of a stretch, even in gloves.

It’s super stylish and manly. The B55’s rundown of features proposes it’s been made for military flight specialists instead of business pilots or essentially the people who like an aviation-style.

The dial mirrors the style of the 2014 Cockpit B50 ($7,799) yet with better readability with the utilization of a blue contrasting and standing out a handset with digital numerals.

Breitling Exospace B55 Connected

It has a bright LCD backlight that one can utilize by pressing the crown, or, much more relaxed, iPhone clients can activate it through their work in inclinometer by shifting the watch 35 degrees, i.e., an ordinary wrist movement sees the time. It switches itself off to lessen distractions.

The advanced digital display is compatible with night vision, which diminishes dependence on the light in the dark, influencing a pilot’s visual perception if wearing NVGs.

The clock on the watch is progressed to such an extent that it will be able to track departure, flying, and landing times and block time for helicopter pilots. Block time for helicopter pilots refers to when the rotors start moving to when they stop. Block time is utilized to monitor the wear of the helicopter—a little fact for you.

It’ll give you two time zones. One is conveyed digitally and the other through the hands. You can switch them with the press of only one button. It has clocks for counting down and up, a perpetual Calendar, up to seven alerts, and a clock. There’s an electrical tachymeter, as well.

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Breitling could do without utilizing the label ‘smartwatch’ for the B55. They like to say it’s ‘connected.’ Smartwatch suggests the watch ought to be a gadget utilized notwithstanding your cell phone. Connected suggests the converse; you want an application on your phone to go about as an extension of your watch. You can get the B55 application on either iOS or Android.

Syncing happens using Bluetooth, and when your phone and watch are connected, you get the advantage of exact timekeeping through satellite-controlled atomic time signals.

Breitling Exospace B55 Connected

The B55 has a twin digital readout. A peculiar feature implies you can ‘park’ the hands in position to permit readability of your notifications, and afterward, by double-tapping, the crown returns them to the right time. Being connected implies you’ll get notices, as well.

All made in-house

Breitling is passionate about being independent. The B55 is an illustration of this. Both the watch and movement are built in-house. Indeed, even the application has been custom developed only for them.

The movement is essential for Breitling’s SuperQuartz line. Anyone knows it is ten times more exact than an ordinary quartz type.

Most impressive is the battery duration. It has an interesting lithium-particle cell battery charged by a magnetic connector attached to one side of the case. This powers the watch for quite a long time, i.e., at least two months.



Ordinarily, the B55 floats around the $7,000 - $8,000 level. Obviously, nearer to the better quality, assuming you’re checking out titanium versions.

There are a lot of models to pick from. The blue elastic strap is the most well-known.

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A B55 Exospace Yachting variant ($5,100) has a regatta timer. It flaunts bold colors, and the dial is carbon fiber. It stands apart from the blackness of the remainder of the range.

Breitling’s dabbing into the ‘connected’ market is absolutely a fruitful one. You won’t turn out badly here if you need a developmental accomplishment on your wrist.

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