Couples Therapy: What It Is and How Does It Works?

Is your best friend or your neighbor going for couples therapy? Surely, you have heard about this concept on several occasions, but do you really know, what it is, what it consists of and most importantly, when it is needed?

Couples therapy is a resource used by many people to resolve conflicts that may arise within a relationship. Couples psychotherapy, as it is also called, strengthens a couple in crisis and the first thing that is done is to find the real problem, in order to recover the relationship or also to have a break as less conflictive and painful as possible.

According to the famous psychologist Dr. John Gottman, in therapy new possibilities, more creative guidelines  and learning are generated by understanding how to structure one’s own limitations regarding love and what are childhood prophecies; everything experienced in that stage that unconsciously governs some behaviors that sometimes ends up sabotaging the bonds with the couple.


Its purpose is to help the couple find a solution to their conflicts, change some harmful behaviors, assume their problems and improve their communication channels to obtain the desired results.

In couples therapy, the therapist focuses primarily on improving communication in the relationship . In this way, it is taught to control impulses and emotions to face and resolve conflicts that may arise in a more efficient way. These are some of its benefits:

  • Finding the right path by being aware of the strengths and weaknesses and learning to handle them.
  • Tolerate and respect the differences of the couple.
  • Learn to read the signals and emotions of the other
  • Express feelings more clearly.
  • Understand and regulate your own emotions.
  • Understand that love for yourself is not enough to maintain a stable and lasting relationship, as it requires commitment, communication, respect and compassion.
  • The ability to flow with life is enhanced by stopping the cycle of guilt that can destroy even the best relationships.


The couple accompanied by a psychologist will seek an explanation for the current situation that allows the professional, after an evaluation , to design a personalized psychological therapy intervention plan. All within an environment of trust for the members of the couple, where you can say what one and the other member of the couple wants from the other and where you can freely and consciously decide whether to continue the relationship or break the bond allowing yourself, as much as possible. important, listen to the other, take into account what they feel, think ...

In this type of treatment techniques such as emotional intelligence are taught, which is ideal for developing the ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions. And in addition, emphasis is placed on communication, which is effective in recognizing each other individually in conscience and in balance to give the other the best of themselves and contribute to having healthy and lasting relationships.

During couples therapy, we review how the family was, how the upbringing was, how that person was “emotionally armed”, and it is also seen what it means for each one to be more pleasant with the other. The idea is that they learn to listen to each other and say things to each other in a loving and respectful way.

Now that you know what this concept is and what it consists of, do you think that you, a family member or friend need it? Remember that at Collaborative Research Group, we think of you when it comes to health and wellness.


The above content is for educational study and informational purposes only and has been developed by referring reliable medical sources and recommendations from health experts. If you feel identified with any symptoms, described medical term or you are a patient,  we recommend consulting your doctor. 


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