Courtmatics is now accepting pre-orders for their smart tennis racket dampener

today, Courtmatics made the announcement that it will begin accepting pre-orders for their intelligent dampener for tennis rackets. This nifty little gadget can be used with any racket; it is simple to assemble; and it offers immediate feedback.

There is no shortage of technology that can improve your tennis game. Connected tennis rackets often come with smarts incorporated into the handle of the racket or attachments that stick to the butt of your racket. This allows the racket to communicate with your smartphone or other connected device.

There are also vibration dampeners to consider. They are attached to the strings of your racket and prevent tennis elbow by reducing vibrations that reach your arm through the racket. However, up until this point, we have only had access to the non-technical “dumb” version. The Qlipp tennis sensor is the one and only exception to this rule. A variety of performance measures may be obtained from the device by simply attaching it to the strings of your racket. Tennis enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that there is now one more choice available, and it is called the Courtmatics Smart Dampener.

This nifty device can be fastened to the strings of your racket and functions in the same manner as any other conventional dampener. However, hidden within it are smarts that provide advanced analytics that you can use to improve not only your stroke but also other aspects of your game. This includes information about the type of shot, sweet spot, spin, serve speed, and additional aspects of the game.

It’s interesting to note that the device goes a little bit further than the average tennis sensor. Due to the fact that it is sitting on your strings, it is able to detect changes in string tension. This means that it notifies you when it is time to begin thinking about replacing them, as demonstrated in the image below. This is an addition that we have not encountered before, and it is one that will prove to be quite helpful.

An accompanying smartphone app that gives comprehensive performance metrics is included with the smart dampener purchase. In addition to this, it provides feedback on your footwork, or how well you move around the court and position yourself for your shots. When you are not actively playing the game, you have time to relax and read its coaching advice on how to make your game better.

Later today, pre-orders will be open, with deliveries beginning in early 2018. The cost of the item is $99 and ninety-nine cents.

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