Real Numbers: Definition and Properties (with examples)

Real Numbers

The real numbers are the set that includes the natural, integer, rational and irrational numbers . It is represented by the letter ℜ. The word real

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Social class - What it is, definition and concept | 2021

Social class

Social class is known as any group of individuals in a society characterized by their role in the production system and the part of state wealth

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Company - What it is, definition and concept | 2021


A company is an organization of people and resources that seek to achieve an economic benefit with the development of a particular activity. This

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Raw material - What it is, definition and concept | 2021

Raw material

A raw material is any good that is transformed during a production process to become a consumer good . There are some material goods that cannot be

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Tertiary Sector or Services - What is it, definition and concept

Tertiary Sector or Services

The service sector includes any activity that produces an intangible benefit, that cannot be stored, of short duration and of which property cannot be

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Moral Values - What is it, definition and concept

Moral Values

Moral values are those values that a person acquires based on their experience. These norms or modes of behavior are inherited and transmitted by soci

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Administration - What is it, definition and concept


Administration is the process that seeks through the planning, organization, execution and control of resources to give them a more efficient use to a

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Range (Statistics)

The range is a numerical value that indicates the difference between the maximum and minimum value of a population or statistical sample. The range

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Empirical Knowledge - What is it, definition, meaning and concept

Empirical Knowledge

Empirical knowledge is everything that is born from observation and experimentation. That is, it does not start from assumptions or logical deductions

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