How To Choose The Best Managed WordPress Hosting For Your Website

How To Choose The Best Managed WordPress Hosting For Your Website

Choosing a best WordPress hosting provider is an important decision. You can hit, or you can be wrong. In this case, you will discover it later, and you will have no other option than to migrate your website.

For this reason, today I give you 9 tips to consider when choosing the best hosting for WordPress .

So, you will have no excuse to screw up!

Your Check List of 9 key tips before choosing your best WordPress hosting provider for WordPress website

WordPress Hosting TIP 1 - Are you going to need several domains?

It is not always the case, but some hosters have plans caped for a single domain.

  1. Type A : Hosting for a single blog or web page (a single page:
  2. Type B : Hosting for several blogs or website under the same hosting (,,

Many micro-SMEs have a website and a blog. Other professionals also have a store.

And these 3 digital assets can be mounted on different platforms and domains.

In this case, look for a hosting that allows you to host several domains / different web pages in the same account.

You will save time, money and, above all, you will be more productive.

WordPress Hosting TIP 2 - What kind of hosting to choose?

If you are starting, I can assure you one thing: The shared hosting is the one you need to start your path in the cloud.

It is a more basic hosting and the one that most websites and blogs use. It is easy to use and its price is cheaper.

Obviously, you will have to share the same server with other clients. If you do not exceed 500 visits / day, you should not worry about changing the type of more advanced hosting plan such as dedicated virtual hosting or dedicated hosting. At this point, it’s a luxury that you can do without.

WordPress Hosting TIP 3 - What technology? Linux, nothing from Microsoft!

If you are betting on a content manager, you will need a hosting plan that includes a database. The reference in the database is MySQL.

Content managers such as Joomla, WordPress and systems for setting up stores in Prestashop are free software solutions that work best in a LAMP environment (Linux Apache, MySQL PHP) . Therefore, my recommendation is to work with Linux servers .

You are very likely that in the future your page will be developed with this technology.

WordPress Hosting TIP 4 - Eye on the limitations of space and traffic

At first glance the price may be for some the determining factor when choosing a hosting.

But as always, there is usually small print.

The limitations can be of two types:

  • For the amount of space you can use on disk .
  • By volume of monthly transfer (web traffic per month).

If web traffic should not limit you if you launch a new project, be careful with disk space. If you work with many images (DIY, photographs, online stores), in this case you will get very fast to the Gb of disk space.

Keep in mind that if you also use a corporate email (or several) in your hosting plan, as the inboxes of these emails are subtracting space in your capacity.

Clean up every now and then!

And do not hire too small a disk space ( I would start with 1Gb, at least )

WordPress Hosting TIP 5 - You need autonomy. On the importance of having a simple and friendly control panel

If, like me, you are not a technician, you will need to be able to carry out common operations of web system administration, without going to a computer .

It would cost you a fortune!

Luckily, good hosting providers offer a management panel for your hosting plan - often using a type of panel called the c-Panel - that will allow you to easily:

  • Associate new domains to your account (additional domains), in the case of having contracted a plan that can host several domains.
  • Create one or more email accounts.
  • Check the space occupied.
  • Upload, download and edit files on your server.
  • Manage FTP accounts.
  • Access the database with PHPMyAdmin.
  • Etc.

Make sure that the hoster you are going to choose to offer a panel type c-panel or similar so that you do not feel like an octopus in a garage.

WordPress Hosting TIP 6 - Power in your hands !, with an application installer in a single click.

Installing your website with a self-installer was never as easy as it is now.

If your hosting provider has a self-installation service , you can easily install all the packages that exist in the market: SugarCRM, Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. And a Wiki if you wish ...

The referents in the market are Fantastic, QuickInstall or Installatron. Find this auto-installer in your future hosting provider.

WordPress Hosting TIP 7 - Work with professionals and watch out for the brands that appear on TV!

There is a saying that says “better bad known than good to know”. If I apply it to the choice of hosting, I will say that I do not agree with this phrase.

There are very well known hosting providers ( 1 & 1 ...) but with a deplorable service. Be careful. Verify all comments and opinions of customers before contracting with a provider.

For me, the quality when choosing a provider is essential, even if it costs you a few more eurillos.

Give importance to hourly availability in customer service .

  1. It is not the same to be able to call them at any time of the day when a problem arises, to have to wait until Monday because at the moment that you need them, no one can take care of you. It would not be the first or the last time the problem arises at night or on weekends. Choose a provider that can answer and answer your calls quickly. For me it is the fundamental parameter .
  2. In the quality of the service to take into account also the availability of the servers (Website Uptime) . When I speak of uptime I mean the time that your page is running without any interruption for the user. If we are talking about 99% of operation means that during that time everything has been working correctly and only 1% has fallen.
  3. And to finish, you want a hoster that makes backup copies of your account . At least once a day. And that he knows for sure to restore them!

We do not want any of the above to happen to us, so all the quality issues you will have to look at with a magnifying glass. Now perhaps it may seem a lesser evil, you will tell me when you are in full task.

WordPress Hosting TIP 8 - I stay in UK, can I choose a USA supplier

Many American hosting providers (Hostgator, Bluehost or Dreamhost) offer higher service quality at lower prices than in UK. You can call them at any time at dawn, you will always have someone who can solve the problem.

Now, if you bet on a hoster in the US, you should know that:

  • The quality of service attention can leave you to want if you bet on the cheapest deals .
  • You will have to locate your website to US, once installed.
  • The location of your server has a very small impact on your ranking in the search engines (SEO). But, what good is it to have your servers in UK if your website is down every 2 for 3 and very slow because the shared server is more crowded than a subway car at rush hour. This will have a very negative effect on your rankings.

The quality of your best wordpress hosting does not depend on where it is located, but on how it works. It is very different.

As you can see, there is no single answer to choose the best hosting for WordPress. You will have to choose the best shoe for your foot.

WordPress Hosting TIP 9 - Everything except changing suppliers every 6 months

Taking all these factors into account is important if you do not want to change providers.

Migrations are difficult, stressful and cause headaches. You have enough to move forward your project to be concerned about the hosting plan you have chosen.

If you do not want that to happen to you, you already know what you have to do. Make a preliminary analysis of existing suppliers and choose the one that will be your reference .

And you, who do you work with?

With all these factors in your checklist you will know what is the best hosting plan for your own case.

Obviously many other providers can measure up and meet the requirements of the Check list that I have just presented. I recognize that it is totally impossible for me to know all of them.

But with this guide, now you know how to choose best WordPress hosting. Choose the one you want, and blog at once!

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