Do You Wash Your Hands Frequently Enough? This App for the Apple Watch Could Be of Use

Do you spend an adequate amount of time washing your hands? Not sure? This app for the Apple Watch could be of use.

Of course, we are all aware that we need to wash our hands frequently. But let’s be honest: very few of us actually do it the right way. Clearly, things have progressed to the point where properly washing one’s hands is now more crucial than it has ever been.

Because COVID-19 is becoming more widespread, it is critical to take precautions. One of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations to the general public is to “wash your hands regularly,” particularly after visiting a public location, as this is one way to accomplish this.Washing your hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-containing hand lotion is one of the most effective ways to kill viruses on your palms.

However, it is essential that you carry out these steps in the appropriate manner. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you carry out this behavior for a minimum of twenty seconds. One Mississippi, two Mississippis, and so on are always good bets. Install a free application for your Apple Watch to simplify the process instead. The device is known as the Hand Washing Timer.

The application is quite simple to operate, and it can be started by using Watch Face Complications. When the washing process is over, it will sound an alert, play a tone, and provide haptic feedback. The suggested amount of time to wash hands is twenty seconds. You will also be notified after you have completed one-half of the task. Straightforward and to the point. The software includes step-by-step guidelines on how to correctly wash your hands, just in case you find yourself in need of them.

You should know that this is not your only choice and that the App Store offers a variety of different applications that serve the same function. However, keep in mind that after you have washed your hands, you should also make sure to clean your Apple Watch. Utilizing disinfecting wipes is the most effective method for accomplishing this task.

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