Does the alarm sound with the mobile turned off?

The most veteran around will remember a feature - which was not even considered as such - very useful with the mobile phones of yesteryear, but we lost after the arrival of smartphones. And, before the arrival of smartphones, phones were able to sound the alarm even if the terminal was off . But does this feature work on Android?

Yes and no. The answer depends on each device, because, although it is true that the alarm cannot sound when the smartphone is turned off since the operating system alone is unable to “activate” the device without user interaction, some manufacturers They include an option that allows you to turn on the device a few minutes before the time at which the alarm is set.

Is it possible to sound the alarm when the mobile is off?

Actually, whether or not this function is included in a terminal does not depend on the manufacturer, but on the processor integrated in the smartphone. For example, most MediaTek chip terminals integrate a programmed telephone power-up , which can be activated when setting the alarm so that we do not miss it even if the terminal is turned off.

On the other hand, some devices with Qualcomm processor such as those of OnePlus or those of the firm BQ, also include an option of this type, which allows you to program the automatic switching on and off of the terminal at a time predefined by the user.

Thus, as a conclusion we could confirm that no: the alarm does not sound when the mobile is turned off , although it is possible - provided that the device manufacturer has implemented it - turn on the device a few minutes before it sounds using a tool automatic on and off.

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