Does the computer not detect your smartphone? We teach you to solve it

Technology is a world in constant evolution, more “megabytes”, more “gigas”, more resolution, more and more and more are added, but there are things that are always there, failures that are always present and that, on many occasions we They give the odd headache. One of these things is the smartphone - PC connection via USB, and many times, when changing the ROM, for example, the computer does not detect the phone , so today we will learn how to get our PC to detect our smartphone after having changed the ROM.

Many are the people who publish in the forums that, after having changed the ROM to their terminal, the computer does not detect it, or it detects it but does not allow access to the content stored in this ... in short, there are thousands to talk about. This usually happens, among other things, because of incompatibility of drivers or simply because they are not installed or corrupt. To ensure that our computer does not detect them, we must do the following :

  1. With the phone connected , we go to the device manager of our computer - the fastest is that we look for it in the Start menu. There we must look for a controller called Android ADB Interface (although it can change according to the model of our smartphone , it always has the word “ADB” in its name). This driver must be completely uninstalled from our computer, to reinstall it later.
  2. Once we have uninstalled it, we disconnect our terminal from the computer and go to Settings , then to Phone Information , and there we click seven times on Build Number , so that we activate the development options.
  3. We go to the Development Options and there we activate the USB Debugging .
  4. The next thing we have to do is install the drivers on our computer. We will do this by plugging our terminal into the computer with USB Debugging enabled .
  5. Before installing the drivers and plugging in the mobile, I recommend that you restart your computer . Once it has restarted, we wait for it to be fully booted and install the drivers connecting the mobile with the UBS Debugging activated. You will see that our computer tells us that it is installing the drivers , so we just have to wait and, when the installation is finished, we will have everything working correctly.

It is important that, while the drivers are being installed on the computer, we do not disconnect the phone , since the process will stop and we will have to start over. As you can see, it is not a complicated process at all - and it is also valid for tablets - but it is one of those things to know where to look. I hope you found it useful, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to present it in the comments.

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