The old tale of goblins lurking in the forest to capture humans, drive them underground and steal their dreams is part of the cultural heritage of many European countries. This legend has its roots in the Middle Ages, when Christianity still prevailed.

And that is why we want to take you back to those times with our article on the meaning of dreaming about elves. Since these creatures are almost exclusively associated with Halloween and spooky stories these days, it's not surprising that they've acquired quite a sinister reputation. But could it be that there is more to these goblins than meets the eye?


If you've ever dreamed of meeting elves, chances are you've found yourself in a forest or jungle setting. You may also have seen or heard other creatures such as animals or the sound of running water.

What do these elements tell us about elves?

Well, forests and wooded areas are often considered magical and mysterious places, where ordinary life is left behind and the supernatural comes to the fore. Therefore, being in such an environment, you are already entering a different realm of experience.

And the other creatures that you may encounter in your dream may symbolize qualities that you associate with elves. Animals, for example, often carry the qualities of those who own them, so the sound of running water may be an aural representation of the elves' connection to nature.

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The presence of elves in a dream is a sign that nature and the natural world are close to your heart and mind. And this may reflect a longing to reconnect with them in waking hours. The fact that you dream about them can be a sign that you are ready to take this step.

You may also feel that you are less connected or in tune with nature than you would like. And this dream can be a sign of the desire to make this reconnection.

Furthermore, the presence of elves in your dream can also mean that you have a powerful creative force within you ready to be expressed. It can also indicate the need to find a more creative way to live your life.


As in any dream, it is difficult to know for sure the exact reason why we dream of elves. However, there are several possibilities. It may be that you have recently been in close contact with nature and this dream has arisen as a kind of record of your experience. It is also possible that you have carried out some type of creative activity that has opened up a space for you to explore your own creativity.

Or this dream may have symbolic meaning, indicating a desire to reconnect with a part of yourself that you feel is less apparent in your waking hours. And dreaming of elves can be a way of expressing this longing.


The color that is most associated with dreaming of elves is green. This color is closely linked to nature and growth, making it especially appropriate to associate with these creatures.

It is advised that you write down how you feel when you see green in your dreams. What objects are green? What happens in the dream in which green appears?

Green is a positive and harmonious color. It talks about hope, life and growth.

It is a color that is associated with healing and health, abundance, prosperity and nature.

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If you have ever wondered what the number 9 means in your dream, you can use your dream with leprechauns to find out. Number 9 is related to completion, natural growth, and resourcefulness.

In the case of dreaming about elves, the number 9 can indicate that you need to complete some project or be more resourceful in your approach to life.


To dream of an elf, the elf itself can indicate that you need to pay more attention to your instincts and intuition. You may also need to be more honest and direct in your dealings with others.

Or an elf child in your dream can signify a childlike quality within you that needs to be nurtured and given room to grow.


Dreaming of elves may indicate that you need to pay more attention to your instincts and intuition.

You may also need to be more honest and direct in your dealings with others.

If you find yourself being chased by goblins in your dream, this can indicate that you feel like you are being chased or taken away from something.

If you are chasing elves in your dream, this can indicate that you feel someone or something is chasing you.

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Dreams are the natural byproduct of a sleeping human brain, a time when our conscious minds shut down and our inner, symbolic selves can emerge. During this time, our brain examines all the events of the day and processes them, storing them in our long-term memory.

This means that dreaming of goblins is nothing more than the brain working its magic and processing your experiences. The only question that remains is: when are you going to do something about it?


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