The owl is a nocturnal bird that has become a popular symbol of knowledge and intuition. His presence in your dreams is sending you hidden messages. The appearance of an owl in your dreams can mean many things, and often depends on the specific characteristics of the owl in your dream. The main meanings of dreaming of an owl are the following:


Owls have been traditionally associated with knowledge and intuition since ancient times. Owls are intelligent birds that use their intuition to avoid potential danger and find food. In your dreams, if you observe an owl flying or sitting calmly in a tree, it suggests that you are using your intuition to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

If you dream that you are feeding an owl, it means that you are developing your intuitive and psychic abilities.


In some cultures, owls are associated with danger and fear, so you may experience this reaction if you dream of an owl. If you are being chased by an owl in your dream, it can represent your fear of a certain situation. If you dream that you have hurt an owl, it means that you feel guilty or ashamed of something you have done.


If you dream of an owl sitting on a tree branch near a tombstone or stump, it means that you are going through a grieving process, or that death has recently occurred in your life. In traditional Native American culture, the owl is a symbol of death and mourning. If you dream that an owl attacks or hurts you, it means that you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. If you dream of an owl, it means that someone in your life is going to pass away soon.

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If you dream that an owl flies near you and suddenly disappears, it means that you will soon find love in your life. If you dream of an owl sitting on a tree stump, it means that you are waiting for love to come into your life. If you dream that owls are courting or hooting, it means that you are longing for love.


The owl is a wise and intelligent creature that uses its intuition to survive. In your dreams, the owl can offer you guidance in your life by helping you use your intuition and gain knowledge. The owl can also symbolize danger, fear, and death, so be sure to consider the specific characteristics of the owl in your dream before drawing any conclusions.


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