Are your family members zombies in your dreams? Are you a zombie in your dreams? These are not just weird questions. If you've recently started watching The Walking Dead, or any other TV show about zombies, and you see them in your dreams, it may be because of the show (or maybe something else). But if not, what does it mean that you dream of zombies and your family?

There are several reasons why someone may dream of zombies; some of them are stress, anxiety or fear. In most cases, dreaming of creepy creatures like zombies indicates an internal conflict within oneself or an external problem with a close friend or family member. Read on to find out more.

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Zombies are created when a living person is infected with a virus that causes the dead to reanimate. This virus is usually spread through bites. If a person is bitten by a zombie, he too becomes infected. In dreams, zombies can represent anything that has taken over your life or is trying to kill you. It could be illness, drugs, bad habits, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or anything else that feels like a burden or is holding you back.

Zombies can also represent people who are controlling or dangerous, or situations that are dangerous to you. It can be anything from an abusive relationship to a situation where you are being exploited or taken advantage of. Zombies can also represent feelings such as aggression, hostility, or rage. This can occur in response to a feeling of threat or insecurity, such as when you are trying to hold back tears or experiencing an internal conflict.


This dream means that there is a break between you and your family. You are unhappy with what your family members do. Your family members may be trying to get away from you or are feeling the same way about you. There may be a disease infecting your family and you are trying to save them by keeping your distance.

If you are dying in the dream, it means that you feel defeated by your family members. If you are attacked by your relatives, it means that they are attacking you in real life. If you try to stop them, it means that you are trying to defend yourself against their actions. If you care for your dying relatives, it means that you are trying to help them with their problems.


If you look like a zombie, it means that you feel defeated in real life. You feel hurt and defeated by your loved ones. You also run the risk of infecting others with your bad feelings. You need to talk about your feelings so you don't keep hurting yourself and others.

If in the dream you try to infect others, it means that you are doing it in real life and that you are poisoning people with your bad feelings. If you are infected in the dream, it means that you are letting your bad feelings spread.

If there are people fighting zombies in the dream, it means that people are trying to protect you from yourself. If you are fighting zombies, it means that you are trying to protect others from your bad feelings.


If you notice that the person you consider a complete stranger is actually a member of your family, it means that you feel resentful and bitter towards your family. You are not on good terms with them and you would like to get away from them. This person may be someone who annoys you or who tries to take advantage of you.

If it looks like a member of the opposite sex, it means a suppressed desire. If he dreams that he gets along very well and spends a pleasant time with this person, it means that he has repressed feelings for her. If you dream that you quarrel with this person, it means that he resents her for some reason.


If you dream that your family is in danger, it means that you feel anxious about your family members. He worries that they are doing something wrong and are in danger of harming themselves.

If they are in danger of being attacked or killed, it means that you feel anxious for your family members and you are worried that they may be harmed by something you have done. If there is a natural disaster or an accident, it means that you feel anxious for the safety of your family and you are worried that they are in danger.

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If a member of your family dies in the dream, it means that a member of your family has a terminal illness and is in danger of death. If someone tries to kill your family, it means that someone close to you is trying to harm your family members. If you are trying to save your family from enemies, it means that you are trying to protect your family from enemies who are trying to harm them.


When you dream of zombies, there is usually a conflict between you and your family, or you feel that someone is trying to harm your family. Zombie dreams can represent any of the following: feeling defeated or overwhelmed, feeling like others are trying to take advantage of you, suppressed anger, or feelings of guilt or regret. You can minimize the impact of these types of dreams by dealing with your feelings and dealing with the situation that causes you anxiety.


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