Facer Creates Next-Generation Apple Watch Faces

If you are a lover of anything to do with Star Trek and you possess an Apple wristwatch, then you are going to be absolutely ecstatic with this piece of information. You can now enjoy the best of both worlds with a variety of Facer Next-Generation Apple Watch faces that have been specially developed by Facer. It is safe to use these watch faces, and it is quite unlikely that they will wake you up at this moment in time.

There are a total of seven stellar designs, each of which gives you the opportunity to live out your astronomical fantasies throughout the day and night. When compared to the other faces that Apple provides, it becomes immediately apparent that these ones are in a category all by themselves. To put it more simply, these are essential acquisitions for any fan of the Star Trek television series.

Facer has a variety of various designs for you to choose from, so regardless of whether you see yourself as more of a Spock, a Sulu, or a Scotty, Facer has something for you. If you are on the quest for Next-Generation Apple Watch faces, you will be happy to know that there is something for everyone, ranging from designs that are metric-intensive to ones that are more straightforward when it comes to watch face designs.

Some of them contain animations that take you to other planets in the galaxy, while others show your favorite characters from the show. If you are a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you should definitely check out the following collection of designs… because these watch faces boldly go where no face has gone before!

The LCARS System Is Star Trek’s Official

LCARS is a watch face that was inspired by the well-known onboard computer system that can be seen in the Star Trek universe. This watch face has all of the potential metrics that you may desire crammed into one display. You’ll be able to explore new regions of the galaxy with the help of vivid features like a centralized digital clock, a display of your current position, the temperature and humidity, and the exact moment that our closest yellow dwarf star, sometimes known as the sun, rises and sets each day.

The Last Uncharted Territory

This straightforward watch design has a basic backdrop that is as black as the unending expanse of space, and it has three hands that are decorated with an orange and blue pattern that sweeps over the face of the watch. The iconic Star Trek insignia may be seen in the backdrop of this image. You will be able to swiftly determine the time with just a single glance if you focus on the digits 12, 3, 6, and 9. When night mode is on, the design is further simplified, resulting in a more understated and monochromatic appearance.


This watch face is equally as amazing as the legendary Starship Enterprise-D since it displays a bird’s eye perspective of the spacecraft. Although it is loaded with incredible technology, the Enterprise-D does not have a holodeck. This is a great disappointment. The world comes to life on your wrist thanks to this animated watch face. Alongside two stellar objects that seem to be galaxies about to crash into one another, stars revolve around the core of the structure. Additionally, the hour, minute, and second hands have a design that is reminiscent of the future. This clock is analog, with the hands pointing to the hours, minutes, and seconds that have passed.

The Federated System

This watch face takes you on a journey into the far future by displaying the recognizable emblem of the United Federation of Planets. The well-known interstellar organization consists of about 150 different governments from around the galaxy, and its territory covers thousands of light-years. On the other hand, this watch covers the whole of a 24-hour day. The hands for the minutes and hours are shown as brilliant beams of light originating from the face’s core. As it travels freely around the circumference of the watch, the second hand assumes the appearance of the iconic delta emblem from Star Trek.

Bring it on.

On this watch face, there is nothing you can’t do since you have the might of the bridge behind you. You may find out the current time and date with Picard and Worf’s assistance, as well as how much battery is remaining in your watch and check the weather. However, this just applies to planet Earth; there is nothing cosmic. The diagonal lines that display the metrics are an excellent addition to the color scheme consisting of red, blue, and gray. During night mode, the faces of the bridge are replaced by a straightforward logo of the Delta Emblem with a black and white outline.

Straightforward Starfleet

With this stripped-down watch design, you can keep things as simple as possible as you explore the void between the stars. The time is shown on the one face in both digital and analog formats. The combination of black and blue in the design works really well, and the concentric rings provide an air of minimalism to the overall appearance. Not only will this face inform you of the time and date, but it will also tell you the current state of your battery. Don’t forget the weather, but make sure it’s written down and not simply a bunch of symbols you have to figure out.

Captain’s Log

This kind of digital watch face displays the time in huge numbers, making it simple to read at a glance. In addition to displaying the temperature, this face also shows the current real AD date rather than the Stardate beside the current measurement. When you turn to dark mode, the face of the watch changes to a two-tone black and white design, which is just ideal for situations in which you want to save battery life. In addition to this, the display should be designed to be very easy to read even while you are only partially awake.

Faces for the Next Generation of the Apple Watch: Which One Do You Think Is the Best?

Did our selection of Star Trek watch faces for the Apple Watch throw your excitement levels into overdrive? Are you downloading your favorites at a breakneck pace right this second? Leave a comment below letting us know which one of them is your favorite!

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