Fitbit Sleep Score, HRV, and Breathing Rate aren't showing up - there's a remedy for that

Fitbit Sleep Score, HRV, and Breathing Rate aren't showing up - there's a remedy for that

For many Fitbit users, an issue appears to have surfaced on June 27th. They’re simply viewing a simplified version of the sleep data. For some, the HRV and respiration rate have also vanished.

In the morning, a typical Fitbit device displays 1a multitude of sleep statistics. This includes information on sleep stages, a Sleep Score, and a lot more. However, there appears to be a glitch that treats long sleep bouts as naps. As a result, users will only receive simplified data. The problem affects both iOS and Android devices

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The Sleep Score on Fitbit isn’t showing up

The Sleep Score bug was initially reported on June 27th, and it appears to be affecting many Fitbit customers across various devices. There are numerous complaints on the company’s forums, and a few Reddit threads on the subject are rising by the minute.

Previously, the moderators posted the default remedy for similar issues on one of Fitbit’s forums. In a separate article, we thoroughly review the common troubleshooting processes.

Essentially, the processes consist of ensuring that the device is properly worn, ensuring that the device battery is not dangerously low, and restarting the tracker. Most likely, none of these suggestions will help you address the problem.

The Health Metrics dashboard is missing HRV and BR data

To make matters worse, several users claim they haven’t seen any heart rate variability (HRV) or breathing rate data since June 25th. It’s a cross-device issue again, with users of the Sense, Versa, Charge, and Inspire reporting the issue.

According to some, even past recorded data for BR and HRV is not accessible. This is not the situation with skin temperature and SpO2 data, which appear to be functioning normally.

What should I do

You might be stuck with simplified sleep data and no HRV or BR information for now. On the other hand, Fitbit is aware of the problem and claims that things will be back to normal tomorrow morning. It was, as expected, a problem on their end.

You can do another thing to try to fix the problem that doesn’t need waiting for Fitbit. The procedure is as follows:

  • Take note of the start and end times of your last night’s sleep.
  • Restart your Fitbit activity tracker.
  • Delete yesterday night’s sleep session from the app manually.
  • Add the start and end times for the sleep session manually now.
  • If everything goes well, you should receive your Sleep Score as well as other information regarding that night’s sleep.

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Whether you use this method or not, things should return to normal in no time. Fitbit is working to resolve the server-side issue, eliminating the software/firmware upgrade requirement. Whether this also solves the problem of missing HRV and BR data needs to be seen.

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