Fossil Gen 6 vs Galaxy Watch 4 which One is Better

Fossil Gen 6 vs Galaxy Watch 4 which One is Better

Knowing which smartwatch to choose may be difficult, particularly while you stop to not forget simply what number of gadgets are available in the marketplace right now! The Fossil Gen 6 and Galaxy Watch 4 are simply alternatives which are collecting a faithful following, and selecting among them can be a preference you don’t understand the way to make.

However, we took a look at each gadget and featured the important data you want to buy with confidence.

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 Why Wear OS is Part of the Battle

 The first factor you want to not forget is which model of Wear OS you need properly now. Back in May, Google introduced a partnership with Samsung and promised to replace the cutting-edge running system. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Watch four comes with the present day Wear OS three, while the Fossil Gen 6 has to make do with Wear OS 2. To throw a spanner withinside the works, Fossil has introduced that the Gen 6 may be one of the first gadgets with a view to improve to Wear OS three while it turns into to be had in 2022.

Which One Has the Best Design – Fossil Gen 6 or Galaxy Watch 4?

When it involves the design, you may notice that the Fossil Gen 6 gives a traditional appearance and the Galaxy Watch four has a sportier design. Both watch music, sports activities and health, however, the Galaxy Watch four gives extra designated competencies and springs with an ECG to help coronary heart health. The Galaxy Watch four is easy to apply and springs with a Super AMOLED show which offers awesome readability and clean analysis on every occasion you have a look at your screen. 

You also can concentrate on music, take calls and acquire notifications at once for your wrist. The exquisite aspect of the Fossil Gen 6 is that it boasts an accelerated overall performance degree of 30% extra than the Gen 5, making it faster and smoother to apply. However, the Samsung Galaxy four is extra consumer-pleasant and gives a graceful consumer interface and experience, making it a pleasure to apply

Which One Has Better Battery life - Fossil Gen 7 or Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 works tough to provide a brilliant battery existence, despite the variety of sensors protected withinside the tool. You can anticipate as much as 40 hours of utilization among expenses and an easy charging unit to assist get your tool geared up to move once more whilst it wishes to top up.

 The Fossil Gen 6 best has a battery existence of around twenty-four hours, however, to mitigate this, the emblem has labored tough to provide fast charging – boasting an 8-% charge from 0% in only half-hour and a full charge in only an hour from empty. This manner you’ll be capable of plugging it in each time you’re taking a break, understanding that it is ready to move as quickly as you are

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The advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy 4

If you need further information about which device to choose, then check out our pros and cons of the Galaxy Watch 4:


- It has LTE connectivity

- You can get entry to Wear OS 3 immediately 

-Health monitoring is impeccable

- Performs properly in all areas 

-GPS tracking Offers contactless payments

- Has a heart monitor


  • Not compatible with Iphone

The advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy Watch 4


  • GPS available 
  • Comes with a heart rate monitor 
  • feature to make contactless payments
  •  Google Assistant is prepared to help 
  • Range of fitness sensors 
  • Speaker and microphone as standard


- No access to Wear OS 3 yet

-  An highly-priced choice 

- No LTE 

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Which Should I Buy – the Galaxy Watch 4  or the Fossil Gen 6? 

When it involves identifying which watch to buy, you’ll want to bear in mind your to be had price range and individual possibilities to make certain that you get a watch that works for you! However, in terms of selecting the excellent watch, we’re quite assured that the Galaxy Watch four simply beats the Fossil Gen 6, so long as you aren’t an iPhone owner We assume the Galaxy Watch 4r is simply barely higher as it has all of the prospers that the Fossil Gen 6 desires to provide however can’t. Wear OS three, outstanding fitness tracking, and LTE connectivity deliver the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 the stature it deserves, making it our favorite. 

However, this doesn’t suggest that the Fossil Gen 6 isn’t always really well worth your time. It’s also a first-rate tool that guarantees a lot, especially while Wear OS three turns into to be had. Either way, you’re certain to get a watch fixed that could provide the overall performance you’re looking for

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