Fossil Has Introduced a Large Number of Hybrids that have E-ink Screens in a Variety of Colors

Fossil Has Introduced a Large Number of Hybrids that have E-ink Screens in a Variety of Colors

There will soon be a slew of brand new Fossil Hybrids available for purchase. They come with e-ink screens in a variety of colors, and one of them is housed in a case that is only 38 mm in size.

The Gen 5E gadgets were made available to the public around the beginning of October. These include the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU, but they do not have other Gen 5 features such as an integrated GPS or altimeter, as well as the slightly larger screen, three configurable buttons on the side, or any of the other Gen 5 capabilities. They do, however, provide a form element that may be appealing to individuals who have wrists that are not as large.

A banner advertisement for Gen 5 LTE watches was recently added by Fossil on their website. These appear to be nothing more than a cellular upgrade and nothing else. There’s always the possibility that the fashion designer and producer are looking to update their gear before going on to the next version. Or maybe the release of Gen 6 watches was pushed back because of the coronavirus.

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New Hybrid Watches

We’ve recently acquired a large number of new Fossil hybrids. Because they’ve all been approved by the FCC and the Bluetooth SIG, the release is very close at hand. In November of the previous year, the first iteration of the Hybrid Smartwatch HR was made available. The clock was the first item to come out of Fossil’s partnership with Google and was the source of a great deal of excitement when it was released. 

The newest hybrids have already been added to some of Fossil’s regional sites. It would appear that they are from the same era as the original, but with distinct designs.

The distinguishing characteristics can still be found. Because it has an e-ink display that is constantly illuminated, this hybrid consumes very little electricity. WearOS is not compatible with these kinds of wristwatches. Instead, they use an operating system that is unique to Fossil. This is likely done to make the batteries last longer.

The name Monroe has been given to one of the new products in this line. This one features a sleek appearance with a monochrome e-ink display that is housed in a case that is 38 millimeters in thickness. It has a price tag of 219 euros and is available in a variety of color variations to choose from.

The functionality consists of tracking activity as well as heart rate, visualizing workout routes, controlling music playback, and having the flexibility to modify both the dial and the buttons. App alerts, calendar alerts, email alerts, social media alerts, and many other types of notifications are all available to you. In addition to that, it has a function for an alarm clock and supports several time zones.

The stunning Charter Brown Leather HR is next in our inventory. This particular model has a face that is blue, a case that is rose gold, and a price tag of $195.

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The Neutra Brown Leather Hybrid HR retails for $195 and is our final option. The watch face of this one is green, and the overall design is geared more towards men.

Although the watches are searchable on some of Fossil’s regional websites, those sites indicate that they are now out of stock. We are making the educated assumption that the fashion powerhouse will put them up for sale before the peak buying season begins.

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