Garmin is Increasing its Focus on Women's Health by Adding a Pregnancy Tracking Option

Garmin is Increasing its Focus on Women's Health by Adding a Pregnancy Tracking Option

Garmin has extended the capabilities of its women’s health tracking features. As was revealed in a news announcement by the company, a wide variety of the company’s wearables and activity wristbands now come equipped with a pregnancy tracking capability.

This expands upon the menstrual monitoring capabilities that Garmin first made available a little over a year ago. Because of this, female users can see information about their cycles along with other stats. This helps them recognize physical and emotional signs and make changes that are good for them.

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Monitoring of the Pregnancy

However, Garmin is now taking things one step further. They want to help mothers-to-be maintain a sense of control over their lives during pregnancy, which can be both an exciting and trying period.

A number of different kinds of smartwatches provide users with the ability to monitor their pregnancies. This encompasses the Venu, Vivoactive, Forerunner, and Fenix series of watches. You can get the complete list by clicking on this link.

In order to begin monitoring, open the Garmin Connect app and navigate to the User Settings > Women’s Health > Cycle Type > Pregnancy menu option. After you have completed that step, you should go to the Connect IQ storefront and install the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ application. You will be able to monitor anything on your wrist thanks to this.

The application basically gives expectant women a glimpse of their pregnancy every week as it progresses. They will receive information on their progression, changes in the body, symptoms, and other aspects of their condition. They will also be given advice on how to change their diet and exercise routine, as well as ideas for healthy weight loss. Even a comparison of the present baby’s size to that of popular fruits and vegetables may be made using the app.

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A good portion of this is accessible via the wristwatch itself via the application. The data is synchronized with the account you have with Garmin Connect.

You are also able to record pregnancy-related symptoms, as well as blood sugar levels and other information. There is also something called a “baby movement timer,” which gives mothers the ability to monitor when and how much their child is moving around.

Last but not least, the feature demonstrates how a woman’s fitness and performance statistics alter throughout her pregnancy. You will be able to set your own alarms for your heart rate, check how well you are hydrated, or freeze all of your training data.

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