Garmin now Includes Colors Representing Pace, Heart Rate, and Elevation on Its Routes

Garmin now Includes Colors Representing Pace, Heart Rate, and Elevation on Its Routes

Garmin has been hard at work behind the scenes, including some brand new capabilities into the web dashboard and mobile application that make up the Connect platform. Your routes are presented to you in a color-coded format that considers your heart rate, pace, and elevation. Many people who own Garmin products have put this item, along with many others, at the very top of their wish lists for quite some time now.

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The company has, as of now, not issued any public statements regarding the matter. However, people have only just recently started to observe the addition; however, this has not taken place concurrently with everyone else’s observations. It appears that this will be rolled out in phases, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you will need to be patient and wait until it is available to you before proceeding further. Live access to the feature is now available there in London.

A system of color-coding for the routes

Since quite some time ago, this function has been made available by Apple as well as by a few other brands of wearable technology. On the other hand, we find the approach that Garmin is taking to the issue to be especially convincing.

Following the update’s completion, the activity’s presentation on the map will be different from how it was before the update. A color scale that shifts subtly from one shade to the next will provide you with information about the progression of the pace of the hike as you make your way down the trail. The speed of red’s movement is noticeably more significant than that of blue. With a reasonable amount of ease, it is possible to determine at what point in the run each zone took place.

By clicking on the upper left corner of the map, you will be able to gain access to the new “layers” icon that has been added. You now have the option of monitoring either your heart rate, your pace, or your elevation, thanks to this.

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This new function, which is an excellent addition, will prove to be of great use to users who take great pleasure in doing in-depth evaluations of their own gameplay. It presents the information in a format that is easier to understand for the end-user. In addition to being available on the online app, the capability can now also be found in the mobile application for Garmin Connect.

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