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Goodbye to the subway! This app will allow you to measure everything only with your mobile

What will you find in this article?

Augmented reality is gradually introduced into our lives , although it is true that many utilities have not yet been found to use them in our day to day. And no, do not think about uses for your taste and enjoyment.

But hey, we already know that it is a technology that has cost a little to boot. However, over time we will see multiple uses that can improve some aspects of the daily life of many people.

AR Mesure, the virtual subway

But we have found an augmented reality tool that can be very useful on some occasions. We are talking about AR Mesure , an application that works as a virtual meter and will help us measure all kinds of things.

With AR Mesure, the search for a subway throughout the house and not finding it is over , in the end we ended up measuring everything by hand, and it is not very accurate to say. That is why the application developed by Laan Labs offers us a kind of augmented reality to make this task easier.

How does the application work? AR Mesure tries to determine the distances between points other than the object we want to calculate. In this way it allows us to measure anything through the camera of our smartphone , that simple.

We only have to focus our camera at the starting point of the object we want to measure , then we move away until we reach the other end, so the application will calculate the measurement, as if we were talking about a meter.

But as reported by Digital Trends Español , the application is under development and the measurements made are not accurate. Although it is only millimeters, but it is enough error to not be able to put a piece of furniture somewhere in the house.

The developer has not yet confirmed any release date for this application, so we cannot know when we can enjoy this great idea.

All that is known is that it works on ARKit , Apple’s augmented reality platform, so we can assume that it will only work on iOS, at least at the beginning. However , Laan Labs allows you to leave your email so that you are notified when the app is available.

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